Passive Voice Review Quiz

Passive voice quiz from New Crown 3 Lesson 2

Submitted by DelCas

July 16, 2021

Estimated time: 30-50min

Intended for:

  • New Crown 3 page 22
  • Students answer questions using passive voice. The higher the points the more difficult it is. I have this game to aslso give half points, which is explained in the power point. Half points are as follows: correct gramar and use of passive voice, or correct answer to the question.

  • Quizz Game Passive voice.pptx (9.73 MB)
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    1. Lucasmh July 16, 2021

      This is a great way to practice this. If you get the chance, you can outline the words in black so that they stand out more and are easier to read from a distance. I saw a massive improvement in back of the room participation when they were able to better read my text from far away.

    2. camphrier June 6, 2022

      Oh my gosh I just pulled this up for my third year class and I was surprised because it said English is taught by Ms. Ono and I thought oh that's funny my JTE is also Ms. Ono. Then I saw the Oshibedani JHS and I was like wait it is literally the same Ms. Ono haha! Can't believe I happened to see this! I showed her and she recognized it too!

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