This activity is based around using a PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint is useful for slideshows, but with a little know-how, you can use it to create interactive games as well. In the games, you can often go through the slides and edit in your own questions and answers.

Many really creative users have uploaded fun games based on a wide variety of themes, so look around and see what you can find!

  • Colors/Sports/Food Treasure Hunt 3rd Grade Version

    Same as my other game with 3rd grade vocab, a team game where teams take turns guessing where the treasure is, getting either +2/5 Pts, a bomb -3Pts or stealing 2 Pts from another team.

  • Animal Crossing - Giving Directions

    Practice giving directions (go straight, turn right/left, for x blocks.. you can see it on your right/left) to help the (animal) tourists visiting the island!

  • NHE6 U5: Animal Examples

    A PowerPoint that uses a variety of animals to demonstrate the grammar for the unit.

  • Sushi Scramble Review Game

    @JoshJ's excellent Powerpoint game. This is for the very specific grammar point referred to as 'SVOO=that clause' in the One World 2 JHS textbook. I just entered the questions into the template.

  • Shopping for Fruit with Doraemon

    Simple shopping game to practice fruit names, please, and small numbers.

  • Which anime character is...?

    A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

  • The boy sleeping on his desk is (UPDATE)

    Students try to identify a class full of slackers by listening or reading descriptions

  • Treasure Hunt v2 - A Pirate Themed Review!

    A review powerpoint game that involves 2-5 teams of pirates searching for treasure!

  • That is Kaito. Do you know him? Retro Windows Quiz

    New Horizons Grade 1 Unit 7 Page 69 Key Sentence 28

  • Name Game

    Name as many things as you can to answer the question or prompt.

  • "don't have to" vs. "mustn't"

    Short PowerPoint that might help to illustrate the difference between "don't have to" and "mustn't".

  • Universal Design and Pictograms

    To go with the Big Dipper English Communication 2 textbook lesson on Universal Design, but can be used in general

  • Myths and Urban Legends

    A basic lesson on myths and urban legends around the world!

  • Do you have a/an~?

    This is meant to be a whole lesson for Let's Try 2 Unit 5. This is good for 2nd or 3rd lesson in the unit. Feel free to edit as needed.

  • Guess who game (Who is this?/ who ~)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many character questions from the internet and the book. (Target 13 - Blue Sky 3)

  • I see/ I spy game (How many~)

    A class based activity that is a question and answer format for the teachers and students. (Target 11 - Blue Sky 1)

  • Festivals and Holidays Around the World

    Extra PPT for the world festivals and holidays introduced in NH5 Unit 2 Over the Horizon

  • "Do you like ________? "Let's Try 1 Unit 4

    This is a practice/activity for 3年生 elementary school students to practice asking "Do you like _____?" and answering "Yes, I do." / "No, I don't." Focused on Let's Try 1 pg 17

  • Matching Game (What ~ do you like?)

    A PowerPoint game that tests listening comprehension skills for elementary third graders.

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • He/She is Pronoun Practice

    Small ES warmup activity to practice "He is..." and "She is..." with characters

  • Weather Forecast (JHS 2年生)

    A short presentation, worksheet and listening exercise about the weather forecast that ties into p56 of New Horizon 2

  • I Found Mewo! (Prepositions with Mewo Update)

    An updated version of the "Prepositions with Mewo" PowerPoint with optional "hide and seek" activity with Mewo afterwards.

  • Snoopy's World Vacation (Time Zones)

    Travel the world with Snoopy and calculate the time in different time zones. Each location also includes some famous locations/a famous food.

  • Minecraft Diamond Quest💎⛏(Sentence Practice Act.)

    A quick game that can be played as a warm up or end-of-class activity where the students play in teams in hopes of finding diamond by making sentences.

  • Breakfast around the World

    Presentation showing kids breakfast from some different parts of the world.

  • Falling School Supplies (Let's Try 2 Unit 5)

    Have fun counting various school supplies falling from the ceiling, concluding with an epic pencil case kaiju battle!

  • How Are You? Feelings Introduction and Quiz

    Powerpoint used to introduce feelings (happy, sad, sleepy, hungry, sad, tired, cold, hot). Includes a name that feeling quiz with popular characters (Anya, Pikachu, etc).

  • Food Chain Game

    A game where students can evolve while practicing certain conversation pieces.

  • One Piece Wanted Game

    This is a fun finding game providing good speaking practice using who, what, when, where and how questions. The activity involves a PowerPoint and printable cards and is very easy to adapt.

  • Hot Onion Ball

    Fun way to ask and answer questions!

  • Optical Illusions

    All credit to @GemAmo

  • Weird Festivals 1&2

    Let's learn about the world!

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    My take on the holiday

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    My take on the holiday

  • Summer Festivals & State Fairs Presentation/Warmup

    A powerpoint with speaking exercises about summer festivals and America's monstrosity state fair foods.

  • Peru Jeopardy

    Were you born in Peru too? Well, it's your lucky day!

  • Loteria

    Wait, we teach English right?

  • Show and Tell

    Let's have a show and tell

  • SDGs

    Learn about everyone's favorite topic: Sustainable Development Goals

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