New Crown

Specific to the New Crown textbook.

  • Interview Bingo (What's your hobby?)

    This uses the New Crown 2 grammar and vocabulary from page 43's drill section. This can be edited to make the sentences more complicated and to include different hobbies from the ones listed.

  • Detective Pikachu: On the Case!

    A clue-based mystery game that helps students practice past continuous verbs.

  • New Crown 2 - Songs "I Just called to say..."

    Introducing Stevie Wonder and then a dictation challenge using his song from the text book.

  • New Crown 2 - The Little Prince

    English Video Clips and questions

  • Tea from around the world

    Powerpoint lesson with video about different teas.

  • JHS Kahoot - New Year Trivia

    New Year Trivia questions with information slides.

  • Past Tense Board Game

    Board Game for Past Tense

  • TRIVIA (Research activity)

    Superlatives Quiz!

  • [VIDEO] A Pot of Poison

    Narrated animatic for the Pot of Poison story.

  • Order and making a pizza

    What ~ would you like on your pizza?

  • Question BINGO! What time do you ~?

    Crown JR 5 - L4P2 -What time do you BINGO

  • UK "My Family, My Hometown"

    Updated version of UK presentation

  • Peter Rabbit Art

    Zip file of 10 Peter Rabbit illustrations.

  • New Crown 1 Project 1 Warm Up Game

    Row game practicing can and can't

  • Passive Voice Review Quiz

    Passive voice quiz from New Crown 3 Lesson 2

  • Review Quiz for 2 and 3 year JHS

    Quiz questions that can be added to any game

  • New Crown 3 Project 1 Ice Cream

    Quiz with fun ice cream facts and a Canadian example

  • Present perfect SUPER drill

    Getting students to use the targeted grammar

  • My Dream Speech - Project 1 New Crown 2

    Speech about what students want to be when they grow up.

  • I like - BINGO

    Bingo game for I like...

  • I want to be a ~ Janken Game

    Practice job vocabulary and play Janken

  • Why's the Odd One Out?

    Students work together in teams to identify the thing that's different and give their reasons why.

  • Visiting Japan - WRITING FOCUS -

    Students practice using the infinitive verb (adverbial)

  • What do you want to do? DRILL

    Speaking focus! 💛

  • Recommendation Game

    Criss cross with a twist

  • Guessing Activity " What have you been doing?"

    Students listen or read the clues and write their answer on a whiteboard.

  • Feelings PowerPoint

    A simple powerpoint showing all the emotions mentioned in the New Crown 3 book

  • New Crown 2 - Lesson 1 Get Part 1

    Comprehensive introduction to the lesson's grammar points and practice questions

  • Present Perfect Continuous Janken Game

    This would work as a scaffolding activity to expose students to the different usage of this grammar point.

  • Landmines and Aki Ra Crossword

    A short crossword puzzle for New Crown 2 Lets Read 2

  • Battleship

    In a modification of the fun game Battleship, students use prepositions and locations to target ships.

  • Hero Quest Review Game

    This is a powerpoint game that can be used for quiz games, write and race or row feud quizzes.

  • Where is it eaten?

    Country food quiz!

  • Comparatives / Superlatives DRILL

    Recapping grammar taught in Lesson 7 (NC2)

  • School life in the UK


  • In the past

    Past simple fill in the blanks New Crown 1 Lesson 9 past tense

  • A comprehensive introduction into INDIA

    Learn about India's languages, nature, food, sport, movies and inventions in this fun and interactive presentation!

  • Who are you? Quiz game

    A review of the grammar points and vocabulary from New Crown 1, Lesson 1 (Are you ___? Are you from ___? and Yes, I am/ No, I`m not)

  • Why is Godzilla Angry

    Why is writing practice to compliment the teaching point on page 90 New Crown 3(2016)

  • General Knowledge (Amazing Review)

    This general knowledge quiz reviews Grade 2 grammar points learnt thus far and some of these questions, just wow.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Find the People

    Students practice the reduced relative clause by searching their textbook for people doing things.

  • Merry Crimbo!

    Christmas in the UK! Food ! Food ! Food !

  • Past Simple Mystery Game "Who Dunnit"

    A "Who Dunnit" game where the class are detectives and interview five students to solve a mystery

  • Jeopardy Unit Review

    Jeopardy game show style PowerPoint to review multiple grammar and vocabulary from different lessons in various question format. Best used to review before a unit test.

  • Present Perfect Continuous Janken Game

    This would work as a scaffolding activity to expose students to the different usage of this grammar point.

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