Infinitive Cards

36 cards using infinitive for playing karuta and concentration

Submitted by altirasuto

August 19, 2021

Inspired by: Infinitive Art

Inspired: Infinitive Art

Estimated time: 25 min

This is a set of 36 cards using the infinitive. Each card has a sentence using the infinitive to describe the picture. You could use these to play karuta or concentration. It is A4 size so you can print them out on colored thick paper or print them on regular paper and then glue them to colored paper. You just need to make sure the pictures are not visible when face down.

I made this set by request of my JTE. She wanted as many examples of infinitive as possible. I made 2 sets of the cards which we use to play concentration in the special needs class. 72 cards is way too many to play with at once so we usually divide the cards in half or by type of infinitive and play that way. We play with anywhere from 3 to 5 players.

Here's how we play:

  1. If necessary, remove the cards you will not use at this time.
  2. Set the cards face down.
  3. Determine order by janken.
  4. Turn over a card and read the sentence aloud. Then turn over the second card and read it aloud. This may be difficult for special needs students so have the JTE or ALT read it along with the student. Another method is the ALT or JTE reads the card and then asks the student if they understand its meaning.
  5. If the card isn't a match, flip them both back over. If it is a match, take the pair of cards and you can go again. If you play with a class that is not special needs, I would suggest having the kids need to read the card or they can't get the pair. This is a highly effective rule if you have competitive students.
  6. Continue until all cards are matched and see who has the most pairs. For special needs classes, this is a good time to review numbers in English by counting the pairs together.

My second year special needs student loves to play concentration with these cards. We sometimes play it together with the third year special needs students if they are in class with us. It's great for review for third years, too.

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    1. UonumaRobert August 19, 2021

      Super cute cards

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