Interview Quiz- "Do you know your classmates?"

This activity uses 3rd person singular simple present verbs. Students interview each other in pairs, and then the ALT quizzes the class.

Submitted by oceanwave

November 22, 2021

Estimated time: 45-50 minutes

This is a simple interview style activity! Students work in pairs and take turns asking each other questions from the worksheet. Then, they must write the answer down using 3rd person singular simple present (He plays basketball).

After students have finished, collect the worksheet and quiz the class by saying the sentences ("She likes green.")

I used this for junior high grade 1. If you're students are at a higher level, this activity won't take long. For my class, I went through and helped with each question, so this took the entire lesson.

I also use the font that goes with our textbook (New Crown). If you don't have this font it might look a little wonky. Sorry!

Happy quizzing!


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