Do you BINGO?

Students work on the use of "Do you...?" with a partner while playing BINGO

Submitted by oceanwave

November 22, 2021

Estimated time: 20-25 minutes

Students use the pictures at the bottom to fill out their BINGO worksheet. I made them choose three from the first row of pictures, three from the second row, and three from the third row.

Their BINGO sheet should be full of "Do you...?" questions!

Then students get into pairs and take turns asking each other questions from their own BINGO sheets. For example, Student A asks Student B "Do you like mushrooms?" Student B answers, "Yes, I do." Then Student A can mark off the box on their BINGO sheet that says "Do you like mushrooms?"

As students get BINGOs, walk around the classroom and reward them with stickers or anything that you'd like. :)


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