Christmas story & Race to the North Pole game

An explanation of Santa Claus and Nativity story before playing a quiz game

Submitted by JohnTeacher

December 15, 2021

Estimated time: 50 minutes

You need:
1. White boards, markers, and erasers
2. A display screen and a computer
3. Make groups (5 groups)

Please note:
1. For best results, please use Microsoft PowerPoint - some of the functions don't work if you try it with Google Slides
2. You can copy the sentence card, and then paste it and it should stack on top of the card you paste it on top of. This is helpful because you will want to change the contents of the cards to match whatever your students are learning.
3. My textbook is Here We Go!

Santa Claus (10 minutes)

The first slides explain Santa Claus and his role in Christmas

Christmas vocab (5 minutes)

This is just some vocab.

Nativity story (7 minutes)
Just covers the birthday of Jesus and the shepherds.

And finally, the game. "Race to the North Pole" (30-40 minutes)

There is a slide where students can choose between 6 characters

On the game slide, you can click on the sentence card at the top of the screen to reveal the answer.
You can click on the characters and they will move forward until they reach the beach on the right side of the screen.

After that, there is a "Bonus Time!"
1st person to raise their hand and correctly answer a question you ask gets to choose from the selection until you run out of selections.

Take this opportunity to ask a question appropriate to what your students are learning.

  • badartist December 16, 2021

    Love it! I had a teacher that wanted me to share the Christ story behind Christmas a few years ago, and the pictures you used here are great.
    I might suggest that you avoid sentence fragments on some of the slides, though. Like instead of "On his sleigh." "Pulled by reindeer." you could say, "He rides a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer." :)

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