Develops students' teamwork skills.

  • What's in the stocking?

    Fill a Christmas stocking with all kinds of stuff and have your students guess what's inside!

  • Monster Murder Mystery

    A multi-part Halloween activity suite that incorporates puzzles, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

  • What do you want for Christmas?

    This worksheet`s target language is `I want` and `I`ll give`. Students will write about what they want for Christmas with reason.

  • Christmas Scene

    Exactly like Halloween scene by NHall. Only christmas.

  • Jungle Survivors - Because/Why Activity

    My take on the tried and true airplane crash lesson format where students must choose items in order to survive and give a reason why.

  • NEW Super Mario Bros. Christmas Blast - (Keynote)

    Using the template made Philip A. Walker, I made a Christmas Quiz focusing on Middle Schoolers.

  • Little Red Riding Hood Story + Poster Activity

    New Horizons 1 Unit 8 Pg. 82 Students learn the story of Little Red Riding Hood and practice using the grammar point "How nice!" + "What a cute bag!"

  • Let's make a pizza!

    An activity for "Let's try 2 unit 7".

  • Taskmaster

    Students compete to finish all their tasks. The first team to finish is the winner!

  • Mario Memory Pairs cards

    Memory pair game in Mario theme

  • Reindeer Race

    A Christmas read & run game

  • Thanksgiving Day

    This activity includes a PowerPoint about Thanksgiving and a Worksheet allowing students to utilize the vocabulary.

  • Alphabet Memory Match

    Practice pairing upper and lower case letters.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • Trivia Quiz with Comparatives & Superlatives

    Test your class' general knowledge using this simple and flexible quiz.

  • Don't Pop the Balloon! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    Team-survival review PowerPoint themed around Thanksgiving.

  • New Horizon Grade 2 Unit 4

    This Kahoot is for the review of grammar and comprehension of the passages in NH 2 Unit 4

  • Are there~ Is there~ in my country?

    I divide the class in 6 groups. I`ll let them guess if there are any stores like Mcdonald`s, sushiro, etc. in my country (Philippines). You can change the quiz depends on what country are you from.

  • Minefield Treasure Hunt!

    Students look at the pictures and make sentences to dig up buried treasure - or a bomb!

  • Halloween PowerPoint and Quiz

    The PowerPoint outlines the purpose and history of Halloween, popular costumes around the world and activities associated with Halloween.

  • Will you Help Me?

    Students write a script for a determined scenario and do a roleplay in front of their class.

  • Where do ghosts live?

    New horizons 6年生 unit 5 Halloween review

  • Practice Stationeries with Yokai Watch !

    This works well with Let's Try 2's lessons about stationery items. Review different stationery, play a simple guessing game, then ask Yokai spirits if they have stationeries.

  • English Quest (RPG Quiz Game Template)

    An empty template for an RPG-style quiz game.

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • Werewolf (人狼ゲーム) PPT Interface

    Building off of sophieinniigata's Werewolf, this is just a macro'ed PowerPoint Interface to help run games.

  • New Horizon 1 (Units 7-11) Review Crossword

    Crossword for students to review vocabulary from New Horizon 1, Units 7 through 11.

  • Question Word (gimonshi) Blast!

    This is a simple group activity to practice the use of indirect questions, specifically grammar from New Horizon 2 Unit 5. For example, "I know how to use these products."

  • Mission Impossible

    Review activity that can easily be adjusted for different units or year levels. Grammar and vocabulary review or just grammar review.

  • Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Animal and Food Crosswords

    A set of crossword puzzles for ES students to practice spelling foods and animals.

  • Werewolf (人狼)

    A classic game of Werewolf. Perfect for Halloween!

  • Reporter Dictation Race

    Students memorize and read sentences to a classmate who writes it down.

  • Black Box

    A fun activity in which students give hints to a student who is touching an unidentified object that everyone else knows.

  • Turf Takeover

    I have only played this game in my second-year middle school. I have a template version and an Infinitive version. This game was inspired by Keith Miyazaki's I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive.

  • Memory Game: Whose bag is that?

    Students in group work as one to remember all the objects in the pictures that their classmates show.

  • Hilarious Dress Up Game

    Can be use for any review or grammar practice.

  • Interview Relay

    Students work together to translate questions into English and ask the ALT

  • Prepositions:Let's put things in their positions

    This is a group review activity for 1st Grade prepositions: in, on, in front of, behind, between, next to, and near.

  • Where is...? / Where do you...? Quiz

    In this first year activity, students practice how to construct 'where' questions. They work together to think of a question that matches the answer. Points are given for accuracy and creativity.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Super Mario Christmas Blast

    A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.

  • Werewolf (人狼)

    A classic game of Werewolf. Perfect for Halloween!

  • Gehn's Labyrinth

    Directions game with physical maps.

  • Mission Impossible

    Review activity that can easily be adjusted for different units or year levels. Grammar and vocabulary review or just grammar review.

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