Present Perfect Continuous Slides

These slides are good for introducing and reviewing the present perfect continuous.

Submitted by ZoeDeborah

March 8, 2022

Estimated time: 10~15 minutes

Slide 1 is the title ("The Present Perfect tense")
Slide 2 shows an example sentence ("I have been studying for many hours.") and a picture of a girl asleep at her desk.
Slide 3 reviews the part of a Present Perfect Continuous sentence: Pronoun, has/ have, been, ~ing. Click once to reveal each part, in order.
Slide 4 has a graphic reading "Quiz Time!"
Slides 5-9 have fill in the blank sentences with graphics you can use to quiz students. Click once to reveal the anwser.
He ______________ for two years. (has been playing soccer)
They ____________ for one hour. (they have been playing games)
She _____________ all day. (has been reading)
I ________________ for five years. (have been studying English)
You ____________ for fourteen years (have been living in Ojiya)

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    1. roriteaches November 14, 2022

      Love this! Thank you for sharing. Very simple but makes for a great scaffolding/quick review before students can move on to other fun activities.

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