Hello! My name is ~

Creating your own Lego person! Use at the beginning of the year during introductions!

Submitted by shinjirarenai

July 7, 2022

Estimated time: Up to a whole class period

I have used this with my elementary 2nd grade students the last few years and they really enjoy creating their own Lego people.

I usually pair it with some easy walk around conversation games and finish the class with this.

I've printed out sheets with their names preprinted, had them write it (if you really wanted to kill time) or had them left blank. I found that if you have the time, it's best to have their names already on it. Either get the HRT to help you pass them out to the students or have them come line up and tell you 'My name is ~!' and then you can hand them their Lego person. (this works best if you have them lined up by their number to hand out)

Then once they have their papers, it's a free for all to let them design and color.


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