Can You Animals

Presentation about the abilities of animals.

This lesson a is a PPT has questions about animals. Prompt the students with a question such as: Can you swim? with the animal being snake. Illicit answers from the students then a video with the answer in the following slide.

This activity can be done before the start of the lesson. The main purpose is to get the students engaged and thinking about abilities. It's great to teach them something new about animals as well.

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    Submitted by tegamikureru July 29, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20mins
    1. jensurviving August 30, 2022

      This powerpoint is amazing. I did it with my 5th graders and they absolutely lost it with the last video. Thank you for your editing skills.

    2. Bing Bong Boi October 5, 2022

      Can't wait to use this today! Thank you

    3. barronator October 17, 2022

      Thank you for the great activity. One note - you said "illicit answers". I think perhaps you meant "elicit." We wouldn't want the students to be answering with anything illicit, now would we? XD

    4. tegamikureru February 16, 2023

      lol thanks barronator

    5. tendoalt September 5, 2023

      My students absolutely loved this!! They had such a good time.

      The formatting is a bit messed up when I downloaded it but this is minor and didn't affect how my kids enjoyed the powerpoint. Thanks!

    6. waivace September 22, 2023

      My students AND teacher absolutely lost it over this (especially the kangaroo and ostrich). It's great! Thank you so much for it!

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