Online Activity

This activity is for online classes.

  • English Newsletter

    A digital replacement for an English board

  • I like ~ (connect-four)

    Simple activity to practice the key sentence "I like~"

  • Printable Online Game Rules

    Used to assist students (and teachers) who are not tech-savvy to understand how to join an online game and what to do and not to do.

  • Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 KAHOOT

    A Kahoot review game for Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 with a BONUS section of one question each from all previous units.

  • 1st year JHS review


  • Let's Try 1 Unit 9: Adjectives

    No-prep Activity to review the adjectives used in the story.

  • ES 4th Grade Let's Try 2 Review Kahoot

    End of year Kahoot review for Elementary 4th graders

  • ES 3rd Grade Let's Try 1 Review Kahoot

    End of year Kahoot review for Elementary 3rd graders

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 9: Animal Review

    No-prep fun activity to practice the target language and review the animals.

  • Power On II Lesson 10 Blooket

    A blooket question set to review lesson 10

  • Power On II Lesson 9 Blooket

    A blooket question set to review lesson 9.

  • Power On I Lesson 10 Blooket

    A blooket question set to review lesson 10.

  • "This is my day" Kahoot quiz

    Review activity for Let's Try 2, Unit 9: This is my day.

  • Daily Activities Review

    This is a quick activity for reinforcing the vocabulary 5th graders are currently using.

  • Other ways to say “very + adjective” Kahoot

    An Altopedia user, juliahoolia, put some nice English board materials on here a while ago. I’ve made a Kahoot from one of them which might be useful for 3rd graders and high level/grouped 2nd graders.

  • Unit 10 let's write a letter

    There are fake letters from celebrities and anime characters which the students can reply. They can write about their winter vacation or any school memories.

  • New Horizon 2, Unit 7 Kahoot Review

    a simple review of vocabularly, grammar, and lesson topics from this unit

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 6 Review


  • Power On I Lesson 9 Blooket

    A blooket question set to review lesson 9.

  • Jobs/Occupations Memory Game

    a quick and easy memory game to get students to say the jobs for OneWorld Textbook ES 6nensei Unit 8

  • Directions - Best Tablet App (ES Grades4-5)

    Go Straight, Turn Left, Turn Right... at the __rd corner, It's on your Left/Right, It's in front of you... It's on / in / under / by the ___

  • Teaching Tools (updated Feb 15th,2024)

    A few web tools that could be helpful.

  • 2023 Review Quiz

    10 minute or so warm up Kahoot

  • JHS 2年生 (2nd year) 2nd Term Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity that reviews various grammar points from New Horizon 2. Great for an end of term review.

  • Best Online Link:Make a Parfait/Pizza !

    online link that's compatible to students'/teachers' tablets no prep needed! just send the link to your HRT and they will set it up on LoiloNote. easy to use and has many customization buttons

  • Make a Pizza!

    This is my first attempt at making an actual game. So please give me feedback!

  • Where is the famous person from? (Kahoot)

    Short and sweet warm up game

  • Guess the ASMR.

    An activity to test students listening skills with ASMR.

  • One World Smiles 5 2nd Semester review Kahoot

    A 24 question Kahoot covering Units 4, 5, and 6 of the One World Smiles 5th grade textbook.

  • JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 5 Kahoot Vocabulary Review

    This is a kahoot I've put together for my students to review Unit 5.

  • Christmas Kahoot!

    Chistmas Kahoot for elemetary school students from grades 4 to 6.

  • Heartening 1 Kahoot Quizzes

    Hi! I made several Kahoots for my EC Heartening 1 lessons. Feel free to use them!

  • Picker Wheel website


  • an awesome website

    I found this website today and absolutely loved it any grammar can be practiced with the use of disney movies.

  • Halloween - window reveal game

    Halloween themed powerpoint game that can be used by any grade level to review numbers 1-20

  • Kahoot! game ~ 過去形クイズ (Past Tense Quiz)

    A fun and interactive online quiz about past tense of the verbs.

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 5 Educaplay activities

    Fun ways to practice target language and vocabularies.

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Haunted Door

    This is a 3rd grade JHS unit activity. Student should choose the correct door. If they chose the correct answer, they could see a surprise or a monster.

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1)

    An online interactive game intended for 1st graders to review One World 1 ~ Lessons 4 and 5.

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