Kirby English Bowling

Easy edit to use for a speaking or listening game

Submitted by MrBoverC

August 2, 2022

Estimated time: 15 - 20 minutes

This is a simple bowling game that you can use with your class. You can either use it as a speaking or a writing game but maybe you might have other ideas on how to use it :)

I've tried this in a small group and also online Zoom lessons and the students really enjoyed it. So I hope that your students will enjoy it, too!

  1. Click on Kirby to reveal the question. Click on Kirby again to (hide) the question.
  2. Student either say the correct answer for a bowling ball or write the answer for a bowling ball.
  3. A (Strike) = points for the student/team.
  4. Click on the next round (button) when it appear, to start the next stage.

I've also tried other variation for this game, you can check it here and get the free template as well:


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