This is my day (Let's Try 1)

Students make and share their every day schedule.

Using the flashcards in the back of their textbook, students make and share their schedule. They can fill up up to 9 activities they do throughout the day. Then, they can practice with a partner, in their groups, or in front of class.

At 7:00 AM, I wake up.
At 5:00 PM, I do my homework.

I've also made extra cards they can use.

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    Submitted by grace0103 January 30, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. KobeALT January 31, 2023

      Perfect! Thank you.

    2. cycy2014 January 31, 2023

      Grace, would you upload a word file of this is my day ?


    3. grace0103 February 1, 2023

      @cycy2014 Done!

    4. cycy2014 February 2, 2023

      Thanks . I added my email in my profile . I also teach in Fukuoka prefecture. would be nice to exchange ideas via email

    5. Jupo10 February 28, 2023

      This made this unit easier. Thank you.

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