What! Question! Word! Indirect Question Practice

Simple activity for early indirect question practice, using groups and white boards

I used this as a review of what/how to indirect question sentences and a practice of the other question words: who,when, where, why.

I demonstrate the activity with my example slide, explaining they will do this in a group with a white board, and they can write only the question word on their white board (I drew this on the black board).
I point at the timer (40 sec), I say when it's finished, show me the board (i gesture holding it up). I first make sure everyone has an answer, then I show the answer on the tv, then I give 1 point to whoever had the correct answer (lots of gestures haha).
I've done this type of activity before, so they know my way of checking the answer, so maybe you have to say don't erase after the first check.

Then, they make groups, one member gets a white board set. I draw the group shape on the board and draw a square for a white board. I say, after question 1, change the writer, drawing an arrow to the next person. I want them to change the writer after each question.

Some questions are easier than others. I tried to add little hints in to help when it could be confusing, as well as I emphasize parts of the sentence or question that can lead to the right question word during the game. 40 seconds seemed a bit long, but enough for each question.

At the end, most of the groups got most questions correct. You can take out hints to make it harder.

I paired this activity with Indirect Question Curse of the Mummy from UonumaRobert.

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  • what! question! word! indirect q.pptx (9.12 MB)
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    Submitted by rflowers February 2, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 min
    1. noktik February 2, 2023

      Awesome! Thank you for posting. My students will love this!

    2. kusobaba February 7, 2024

      Really good activity. The pictures really help the students understand this potentially confusing grammar. I've stolen it for a slightly different grammar point. Thanks.

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