Calendar Otaku

Students are asked about the dates of various Japanese holidays and receive points for answering correctly.

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Kevin Chang on Jan 6, 2009.


  • The students or yourself draw from the envelope and ask, "When is...?"
  • The winner is the first to put up his/her hand and say, "It's on..."
  • The winner also gains the title "Calendar Otaku".


  • Some of the holidays are Nagano-specific. You can remove/change them. You can also remove the one with my birthday or change it to yours.


  • This activity is the 'Nagano Edition' but it can be easily altered to meet your needs.


  • Try to say the holidays in it's English translated forms. Only when there is no response, switch to reading it romaji-style. This way you can see who is the top student in the class.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive March 23, 2019 Estimated time: 5-15 min

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