Do You Know Your Teachers? Last Class Activity

If you are trying to come up with ideas for an activity for your last class before your students graduate, give this a read!

*This is just an idea for a last class activity and doesn't include a premade template

For my last class with my junior high third-years I made them a Kahoot quiz about their school and teachers. It takes a bit of prep work, but should be worth it!

Interview the teachers in your school to gather information for the quiz. I asked just the teachers that often taught the third year students. If the teachers are busy, you can print out a piece of paper for them to write their name and information (you may need to ask your JTE for help translating depending on your Japanese level).

You can also add some questions about the school itself, like what year it opened or how many students it has.

I made my questions about the teachers a "Who am I?" 3-hint style quiz, but you could also show a picture of a teacher and ask something like "What is so&so's favorite color?".

The length will depend how many questions you have. If you want to focus on a certain grammar you could tailor the questions to incorporate it.

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  1. deedeek March 1, 2023

    Yes!!!! This idea is BOMB! I do a "Guess the teacher quiz" for the final lesson and the kids love it! I added a question at the end that the kids go crazy for. It's 'what's the name of your first love?'. Really fun, highly recommend!

  2. Jake W March 1, 2023

    I did something similar at the beginning of each school year. I would interview the new teachers at the beginning-of-the-year party and then make a worksheet where the students had to go collect a signature from each new teacher based on some information like "I like ~" and "I don't like ~". I found that it was best to promise some kind of reward for students who went to the effort of collecting the signatures outside of English class.

  3. RoselleDesigns March 2, 2023

    I love both of those ideas! I will give them a try next year :)

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