St. Patrick's Day "I wish..." Worksheet

A short St. Patrick's Day-themed worksheet to help students practice writing and expressing desires.

This sheet works best if you have already discussed St. Patrick's Day with your students and they already know what a leprechaun is. If not, I suggest quickly explaining that they are an Irish fairy who will grant three wishes to a person who catches them. Compare them to the genie from "Aladdin" if it helps.

After explaining the first part about how students will be writing about their three wishes, read the examples in the box. This helps to give them some ideas and shows that normal and silly ideas are both ok. Use section B to give them some practice and explain the difference between "I wish for..." and "I wish to..." I recommend this for students who are at least in the second year of junior high.

Then ask the students to write their wishes. Depending on your class situation, you can tell them they can use their laptops or ask the JTE or you for help if they don't know a word they want. You might also let students work with partners are a group so they can practice helping each other.

When you feel enough time has passed, have the students stop and ask some of them to respond to "What is your wish?"

This isn't a terribly long activity, but it is a good follow up to explaining this holiday to your students.

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    Submitted by Gaijingaiden March 7, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes

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