Let's Try 1 - Kahoot! (year-end review)

End the school year with a fun tablet game.

Submitted by okayer

March 13, 2023

Estimated time: 20-30 mins.

You need to have a Kahoot! account in order to host the online quiz.

This is the link:

Read aloud the questions and choices (if needed).
Ask the students to put their hands on their head and wait for the "go" before clicking the answer.
I always ask the HRT to count down (3,2,1 go!) and to guard the students who tries to answer in advance. My HRTs calls out names of students and guards them very well. :p

Note: there are ALT quiz included. number 19 and 20 are true or false questions about me.
After I finish my classes, I will change those questions.
Feel free to change it.


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