Who are you? Three hint quiz (Google Slides)

Three hint quiz using "I like/don't like" sentences and famous characters.

Inspired by (and some questions borrowed from) Shinjirarenai's What ~ do you like? Powerpoint Quiz Game.

I made this three hint quiz for my elementary 5th and 6th graders. Both of them just finished New Horizons unit 1 so we used this as practice of "I like/don't like" sentences after the unit test. I was worried it would be too vague, but both classes really enjoyed it and did better than I was expecting. Mario was definitely the hardest, as none of my students knew he was Italian. Also be prepared for your students' wrath when they realize the third character is Anya and not Nobita on the third hint :P

I've also attached the answer sheet I give students to keep track of their answers.

(presentation design is from slidesgo)

Submitted by hnnhdwn May 1, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes
  1. gabriellec May 1, 2023

    Really cute and well made!

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