What's this? Your kids will enjoy this game!

Use this activity to have fun with your students.

You need something to cover the TV screen of your room. It has to be big enough.
Part 1
I connect my iPad to the TV and I put a picture, however, the kids can't see it because it is covered. I just show them a portion of the picture, and the kids need to guess what it is. I ask them every time: "what's this." If they can't answer, they have to say "I don't know". Keep revealing the picture until they can answer.

I make 3 big teams, and the team that answers correctly gets the point (write them on the black board, but don't erase them after playing. You might need them later). I play this for 10 min or so.

Part 2
Now, ask your students to find a picture of an object on google, and also they need to download it. Yes! Same thing as we did before, but now in pairs. Kids do janken and the winner goes first. When they are done, change partners, so they can play few more times with other kids.

Part 3, Ask the students to find a new picture, and then call one of them to the front. (part 1).
However this time is led by the student. You just need to support the kid. Also, I ask my students to help others with the answer. I don't allow the same student to answer multiple times unless every student in the team has already spoken.
You can continue adding points. I'm sure other kids will ask you to go to the front too. So, call 2 or 3 more till the end of the lesson.

Hope your kids like it!

Submitted by Fernand May 15, 2023 Estimated time: Up to you! Lol

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