The Blue House (Story + Worksheet Activity)

This is a 2-paged story meant for 3rd year high schoolers. It includes a worksheet for them to do either in class or for homework.

It's difficult to find material for my 3rd year elective class, so I figured I would write something myself that would be entertaining enough for high school attention spans. This is for a small class size and a bit advanced, but I wanted them to be interested in the broad strokes of the plot. Usually, I have them spend about 10 minutes reading in silence, then they can read together with a partner, then they can do the worksheet together. If they seem to have moved through things pretty quickly, we'll go over answers as a class. I will also explain the plot before doing the answers.

Story Summary: Sarah and Mary are best friends. Sarah is dating Brad. Mary runs into Brad at the pet store, but she is confused--Brad doesn't have a pet! So who is he buying dog food for? Sarah doesn't know either, so she and Mary follow Brad to a blue house, only to discover...he's cheating on her?!

(This is also a funny class to explain what "cheating" is lol).

Submitted by mcon17 November 6, 2023 Estimated time: 30-50 mins

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