Thanksgiving Playing Cards

Cards with very easy Thanksgiving words for various games (karuta, slap jack, memory, go fish)


Printable playing cards with Thanksgiving-themed words. (41 cards in total / x2 of each card except 3 turkeys / can be printed front-back)

-Note: It's based on American Thanksgiving hence the "football" and "America" words and so on.


Karuta - You need to seperate the deck so there are not doubles if you play karuta!

Slap Jack - Works like Slap Jack, but you must slap the turkey. Students should say the English word when they place the card.

Memory - Since cards are not see-through, you can play Memory!

Go Fish - Works in pairs. Each player gets 5 cards and take turns asking "Do you have a...?" "Yes, I do./No, I don't." to get pairs.

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