Activity applies to Thanksgiving (American or Canadian).

  • Save Tom the Turkey! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    A brief PowerPoint about the concept of the Presidential Pardon of the Turkey with a matching letter-writing activity. Heavy focus on fun, creative writing

  • American Thanksgiving

    Powerpoint and simple activity about a holiday in the US.

  • Why...because snap!

    Based of the Snap! card game. I used it as a warm-up for my JHS 1st grade students to practice why...because. It helps students practice reading, speaking and listening.

  • Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

    An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

  • Thanksgiving Playing Cards

    Cards with very easy Thanksgiving words for various games (karuta, slap jack, memory, go fish)

  • November English Board- JHS

    This board includes a holdiay calendar with explanations in Japanese, a news story, a survey, a song of the month, trivia/fun facts, miscelaneous graphic designs, and 'would you rather' questions.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    My take on the holiday

  • Holidays and Events around the World

    New Horizon Elementary 5 Unit 2 This is a presentation about holidays and events celebrated in different countries around the world.

  • Various English board materials

    A wide variety of English board materials for all times of the year!

  • Thanksgiving in America

    This is a presentation to introduce kids to how we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. It includes typical crafts that kids would make to celebrate and traditional Thanksgiving foods.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Party

    A logic puzzle featuring family members doing different things at the dinner table during Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving Day

    This activity includes a PowerPoint about Thanksgiving and a Worksheet allowing students to utilize the vocabulary.

  • Thanksgiving Word Search

    A super short word search introducing Thanksgiving words.

  • Let's Go to Thanksgiving Dinner! (Worksheet)

    The thanksgiving version of my other worksheet "I Went to a Haunted House".

  • Don't Pop the Balloon! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    Team-survival review PowerPoint themed around Thanksgiving.

  • Autumn English Board

    Covers Halloween and autumn festivals around the world.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers

    Have students write what they are thankful for on paper turkey feathers and use them to make the tail of a turkey.

  • Thanksgiving Culture & Sail to the New World Quiz

    The origin and food of Thanksgiving is shortly introduced before a quiz game (similar to Monster Dash & Mario Kart games on this website).

  • Months & Holidays Art

    Zip file with 5 folders of month and holiday related illustrations.

  • World Events Quiz

    Unit 2 Over the Horizon section in the New Horizon 5 book

  • I'm thankful for...

    Students explain why they're thankful for someone or something in their lives.

  • Karuta: Can Convo

    Different ways of playing karuta games

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