Christmas Kahoot!

Chistmas Kahoot for elemetary school students from grades 4 to 6.

Here is the link for the Kahoot.
Changed to public.

This kahoot is about Christmas culture and some interesting facts.
It is simple enough for elementary school students, that's why all the questions are written in Japanese.
Some of the answers are written in Japanese and English, but the main focus is cultural.

Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami November 20, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. AndynoPapa November 29, 2023

    Thank you for making this public. I'll need to edit this if I want to use it because my Japanese is awful. As to the question on the reindeer's genders, there's a bit of grey area (science vs. storytelling). I'm thinking of swapping it out with a question about Rudolph. The Japanese version of the song is popular enough, but his name is never mentioned.

  2. Aurelio Mizukami November 29, 2023

    You're welcome @AndynoPapa. Feel free to edit as much as you want and add more questions as well if you feel like. I would love to see your version too if you could share it with us. I also think it's a good idea to mention Rudolph, it can broad the students understading about the Christmas culture. About the reindeer's genders, I've never looked into it, I just follow my Japanese co-worker explanation that in winter the male rendeers lose their antlers and only the female rendeer have them during winter. I have no idea if it's accurate or not I just thought that it was interesting so I went along with it.

  3. AndynoPapa December 13, 2023

    @Aurelio Mizukami the explanation and the biology are absolutely correct. Storytellers and illustrators, however, seem to have been unaware of this fun fact. In the Rudolph X-mas special, Donner is his father ;)

    Anywho, here is a link to the one I made:

    I added some slides to give some explanation to answers kids would be likely to respond with なんで?

  4. Aurelio Mizukami December 14, 2023

    @AndynoPapa, You're kahoot is really cool. I will use that one in my classes too. Thanks for sharing.

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