This lesson explains what poetry is, gives examples of different poetry forms, and guides students on activities related to poetry.

I did a Valentine's Day lesson last week and my students really struggled on writing a "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem. Therefore, I created a poetry lesson that explains what a rhyme is and allows them to write their poems in Japanese, but translate them into English.

Inspired by ArianneO's lesson on Limericks, which I had originally intended on using for my class. Unfortunately, my JTE had informed me that it would be too difficult for my students so I created a new lesson to fit my lower level student needs.

  1. Powerpoint Presentation. - 10 minutes - What is poetry? Gives examples of limericks and haikus. Explain how poetry conjures a picture/ image.

  2. Activity #1 - 5 or 10 minutes- Rhyming. Students must think of rhyming words for the vocabulary in the chart. (This activity relates to limericks).

  3. Activity #2 - 20 - 25 minutes - Haiku. Students must write a haiku (in Japanese!) Then, they must translate their haiku and draw a picture of what their haiku represents.

  4. If there is any time left, students can get into groups and read out their poems to each other.

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    Submitted by Kuulei February 28, 2024 Estimated time: 50 minutes

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