Work your Brain (Critical Thinking)

It lets the students work their brain on building their vocabularies and think as many words as they can.

Make groups depending on your class. Hand them a piece of paper.
Write a seven or more letters word (much better) on the board.
Tell them to form new words from the given word.
Allot them 7-10 mins. at least to work on their vocabularies.
Ask them to designate one student in each group to write the words
they formed to be organized.
The longer the word, the bigger the points the group gets.
When the time ends, ask every group 5 words (to reduce time taken)
they wrote on their list. If they have the exact words given/written on their list,
no points are provided to all groups. The group that doesn't
have the precise words with other groups will receive a point/points
regarding the number of letters of each word.

I give these points, and you can decide on your own.
Three letter word - 1 point
Four letter word - 2 points
Five letter word - 3 points
Six or more letter words - 4 points

Submitted by Caress February 28, 2024 Estimated time: 20-25 mins.

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