English Comic Strips for English Board - Spring

using easy English sentences, with Katakana pronunciation and Nihongo meaning.

Print 1 panel per A4 sheet and put up in your English board.

I want to post an English comic strip every month, starting this April. (We'll see if I can keep it up. I'll post any updates here as well.)
Please let me know if you have suggestions/comments for improvement.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Comic Strips_Spring.pdf (5.19 MB)
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    Submitted by connichiwow March 29, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. kuhlista April 1, 2024

      Wow! These are cute comics! I'll definitely be putting them on my board, thank you! Did you make them yourself :O ??

    2. connichiwow April 1, 2024

      actually, noooo :( I mean, I made the graphics on Canva but the dialogue/scene details I copied from the internet..I hope that's okay? / I hope no copyright issues, since it's not for profit or publication...? (-L-)

    3. ashleyt April 9, 2024

      Thank you so much! These are PERFECT! I'm putting them on my board!

    4. Mullberry April 9, 2024

      This is really cute! For May an idea you could maybe do something about golden week and how crazy it is to travel at that time?

    5. Thando April 11, 2024

      love this can you upload a google doc of this if possible

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