telling time game

telling time practice

I made this for the 4th grade mainly.

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    Submitted by randomALT June 6, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. rusty bucket June 7, 2024

      This is the cutest, good graphic work too. I think my kids will love it as much as I do.

    2. ChibiGojira June 7, 2024

      This is a redo of some other similar Powerpoints here, no?

    3. jbjoker2 June 11, 2024

      Its a redo of their own PPT for daily schedules! It is based on typhoon, but there are so many typhoon type games that to compare to just one is fruitless. @ChibiGojira

      Side note, this is super cute. Thank you ahead of time! (Pun maybe on purpose)

    4. Shanelcloie June 11, 2024

      how to play this game?

    5. Gaijingaiden June 17, 2024

      This is cute, but I think having so many cards with nothing might be a bit disappointing. Kids hate getting zeroes.

    6. kiboper June 18, 2024


    7. sophie June 20, 2024

      it's really cute, but I'm unsure of how exactly to play this game with the three different rows per slide. do you ask each team what time it is, and they choose randomly from any 3 rows, or do you play row by row each turn?

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