Many Ways to Answer "How Many"

This review of "How many...?" is made to review the concept after it has already been taught, and to show students how to give descriptive answers, too. (I have MANY books. I have A FEW pens.)

My JTE asked me to review "How many...?" with students. The goal of this presentation was to make sure they were using the plural form in the question (How many bookS do you have?), to make sure they were answering in the correct format (I have ~ books.), and to teach them how to answer with descriptive amounts rather than numbers.

You can make this presentation as interactive as you want. Help the students by writing sentences with blanks on the board to prompt their answers. You can take any of the questions asked in the Powerpoint and tell students to ask their partner. I recommend clicking through to see the timing of certain animations, but the content itself is pretty straightforward. After we finished the whole Powerpoint, we left the last slide on the screen and asked students to chat in pairs about various "How many...?" questions so they could practice the new stuff they learned.

Note: you can change "Chinese characters" to kanji. The reason I put "Chinese characters" is because one goal of this exercise is to remind students to use the plural form in question sentences, but the plural form of "kanji" is usually "kanji," so I didn't want to confuse them.

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    1. akopoito June 14, 2024

      Thanks for sharing.

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