Blind Man's Drawing

This is a fun game that consolidates 'feelings' vocabulary and provides the opportunity to practice Object Complements in that context.

Submitted by Englipedia Archive

July 3, 2019

Estimated time: 10-15 min

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Mark Best on Jan 18, 2011.


  • Blackboard, chalk and one blindfold per group.


  • Review the feelings vocabulary on the board and review the sentence structure: "Homework makes me sad."
  • Model the activity with the JTE. Whisper an emotion in their ear, blindfold them and have them draw a picture illustrating that emotion within ten seconds. When the time is up, remove the blindfold and have the class try to guess what the emotion is. Now, have some students produce sentences using that emotion using the target structure.
  • Play in teams, maybe class rows. Draw six ‘drawing boxes’ on the board. Call forward one student from each row and quietly give an emotion word to each team. Give each player a piece of chalk and a blindfold and have them draw their image within ten seconds. Ask each team if they can identify the emotion from the drawing and if they can the receive one point. Have one player from each team make a sentence using that emotion and the target structure: "Natto makes me sick." If they can form a sentence using the target grammar, they can receive an additional one point.
  • Continue until all the players have had a turn to draw a picture.


  • 2-Second Drawing (instead of blindfolds): Have each player come to the front, as before, and give them an emotion and a piece of chalk and then have everyone furiously draw their picture while you count down from 2 seconds. This idea works but blindfolds are better in my opinion.
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