Affirmative sentence

You are hungry.

  • Pronouns with Sailor Moon

    This presentation is to showcase how to use the different pronouns, including singular they, using Sailor Moon characters.

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Hanukkah Lesson

    A mix of a quiz and informational PowerPoint presentation on Hanukkah. After, the students can do an activity on writing holiday cards

  • Christmas Scene

    Exactly like Halloween scene by NHall. Only christmas.

  • Similar (but different) Verbs

    An activity that aims to explore the differences between "look", "see" & "watch"; "hear" & "listen"; "speak" & "talk"; and "say" & "tell". A short revision quiz follows the examples.

  • Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is a powerpoint presentation of comparatives and superlatives showing some examples.

  • What do you want? Fruits and Vegetables PPT Game

    Students practice the phrase 'I want ~.' in response to the class asking 'What do you want?'. Click the item to see if they won on that slide by revealing a celebratory gif.

  • NH2 Unit 5 - Can you tell me where to buy bread?

    In groups, students use their tablets to find the answers to the question. Students then practice the target grammar with the ALT or JTE.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • She loves dogs! (3rd Person Singular)

    An entire class based around the 3rd Person Singular for 1st Grade of Junior High School

  • NHE5 Unit 7 Holiday Booklet

    Using Unit 7 of New Horizon Elementary 5, students will make a booklet about their favorite holiday.

  • PowerPoint Presentation About Singular Verbs

    Sample sentences using singular verbs

  • NHE6 U5: Animals and Plurals

    This is a poster you can use to show students the singular and plural of animals in the Picture Dictionary.

  • Useful Expressions: Shopping (for clothes)

    A companion warm-up activity for "Useful Expressions" on page 75 from One World 2.

  • Zombie Challenge

    Zombie game with a powerpoint

  • Animals are doing things.

    Your students will practice making present progressive (present continuous) sentences from silly pictures of animals.

  • He can/She can One Piece Quiz

    A One Piece PowerPoint quiz featuring questions asking what the straw hat pirates can do e.g. He can cook/She can draw well.

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • Months and Plural Verbs Concentration

    Introduce the months with a short three hint quiz, play concentration and do some writing

  • Who That Which Review Board Game

    A simple review for 3rd graders where they answer questions on a board game

  • Classmate interview "have to"

    Using the question form, ask your classmates and create interesting sentences.

  • Board Game 1nen Plural verbs

    Sugoroku type game, to practice Present Simple. It included "when". 2-4 or 6 students can play. Dice can be digital from tablets one per group. There are many online dice sites.

  • Character Quiz

    A three-hint quiz in which students guess the character.

  • ALT's Pencil Shop

    An activity in which the homeroom teacher and ALT open a shop of classroom items so the student's can practice "Do you have a 〜?

  • (Which pronoun?) Introduce someone you like

    Get the students thinking about whether the pronoun is the subject, object or possessive and learn to use the correct pronoun while introducing someone or a group they like.

  • He/She is my ~ (family edition)

    Please feel free to use this to review the use of He/She and to introduce family members in English.

  • Osaka Subway Map Race

    Race to find the next station using the Osaka subway map! It's a group race game using directions. It uses the grammar "Could you tell me how to get to ~" "Where is ~" .

  • He/She Can Worksheet

    Simple worksheet for he/she can/can't

  • What time do you ~~? Interview

    Students will become 1 of 5 foreigners, each with varying daily schedules. Their goal is to find the other 4 foreigners and learn about their schedule through a series of interview questions.

  • It's Talk-o-clock!!

    A full lesson based on : "What time...?" questions

  • Wants and Dreams Relative Pronoun "which"

    This is a writing, listening, and reading activity with a "Who's this?"quiz at the end. The use of which here connects two relative clauses.

  • Relative Pronouns: Series of Hint Quizzes

    Students work individually and in groups. This is good for 2 consecutive English lessons, but if you only have one time given to do it, you may skip a round.

  • Prepositions:Let's put things in their positions

    This is a group review activity for 1st Grade prepositions: in, on, in front of, behind, between, next to, and near.

  • Anpanman Characters: He/She can~

    Practice He/She can with the Anpanman Characters!

  • UK & JP School Differences

    Students identify which sentences describe British schools, Japanese schools, neither, or both.

  • (ES) New Horizon 5 Unit 4 - He or She Can...

    Review action words to complete the target sentences using the first part of the presentation and introduce "He/She can~" using the quiz towards the end of the ppt.

  • He/She His/Her Character

    Student practice using the pronouns He/She and His/Her along with simple adjectives to draw a randomised character.

  • Which do you like X or Y? Interview Map!

    Students ask their friends if they like _____ or _____ and follow down the map with a colored highlighter/pen/pencil/crayon.

  • My Summer Vacation Postcard

    Students reflect on their summer vacation and create a postcard to "send" to the teacher about what they did.

  • How many ~ Interview activity (Plural nouns)

    A fun gap fill activity for 1st graders to reinforce their knowledge of plural nouns and quantifiers.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Pikachu! Where are you?

    Chase Pikachu around the city and then let the kids give it a try themselves

  • 4 hint quiz

    A quiz giving easy hints to an animal that the students guess.

  • Which do you like X or Y? Interview Map!

    Students ask their friends if they like _____ or _____ and follow down the map with a colored highlighter/pen/pencil/crayon.

  • Comparative Quiz!

    A team game where the students choose which of two answers they believe to be true.

  • The boy sleeping on his desk is...

    Students try to identify the students of a class full of slackers by listening or reading to descriptions.

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