Emperors of Japan

Students practice identifying and spelling ordinal numbers by looking at some of the past Emperors of Japan.

Submitted by Jake W

October 8, 2018

Estimated time: 10 minutes

This worksheet will probably work better if the students are already a little familiar with the concept of ordinal numbers.

First, I write the word "Emperor" on the blackboard and ask the students if they know what it means. Your JTE might be able to correct you, but I think the most common equivalent is "tennou", "天皇". I ask them if they know who the first Emperor of Japan was. As it turns out, there have been quite a few Emperors over the years!

I pass out the worksheet and ask them how to spell "first" and have them write it under the "1" square on the worksheet. If the number is written, the students have to write the ordinal spelling. If the ordinal spelling is written, the students have to read it to find the number. This shouldn't take too long. Emperor Meiji is on there to show that even with a big number, 122, the ordinal is only applied to the last number (the last word "two" becomes "second" and you don't have to change any other words in the number). Be sure and check the answers as a class.


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