Passive Quiz and Fiat Feud Game

Three choice quiz to introduce and a feud quiz to practice passive voice

Submitted by UonumaRobert

February 8, 2021

Inspired by: Magic Quiz

Estimated time: Likely to run out of time before the writing

JUST REPAIRED IT: I realized (Too late for one of my classes) that I forgot to recolor the cars for the Fiat Quiz Game. It has been corrected. My apologies to anybody else who used it without realizing. It is fixed now.

This is meant to introduce and practice the past tense of the passive voice.

Statements such as 'Pasta was invented in China'

The first part is a multi-choice quiz. This can be done quickly with just students raising their hands or in groups or rows with students discussing their answers before giving them. I'd probably do it in pairs with the students sitting beside each other and given a chance to discuss their answer before we show it.

The second part is the Fiat Feud game. This is another row based quiz game pretty much the same as Magic Quiz. The teacher clicks on the number banner at the top to show the keywords. The first row of students stand up and listen to the teacher's question. They raise their hands to answer. The fastest student answers first and picks a car. If the student gets 5 or -3 points the round is over. Otherwise another student in a different row gets a chance to answer. Once Zenigata or Fujiko appear you click on the keywords to show an example answer then on the example to move to the next screen. On the next screen the next row stands up. The word document has the questions.

There is a hidden hyperlink leading to the last question. It is the post on the right side of the background. Use it if you are running out of time.

Finally there is a writing assignment. This is meant to be independent work. The students can pick a question and write their answer in their notebook. I'm using the notebook rather than a worksheet since there is a good chance classes will run out of time before we get to the writing. I reward stickers to students who complete one or two questions, come to a teacher and read their answer then answer a simple question or two.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

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