New Crown 2 - Lesson 1 Get Part 2 + Game

Review of Lesson 1 part 1 followed by introduction of Present Perfect Continuous Question form

*Time is adaptable. If you need longer do more questions. Shorter? Just do the game but do the first question as a class.

Present Perfect Continuous review and introduction to question form.
Pretty straightforward, you can sub in the first slide for your own favorite song. Fun thing to engage the learners.
Ask the questions on the slides to get the class talking and refresh the recent grammar point. After you introduce question form, get them to practice it with my new game!

Legend of Zelda: Link's Pot smashing game!

This grammar point is great because you can ask the same question of mutliple students to get multiple answers. If you really want to challenge them, have them convert their 'since' answers to the 'for' pattern.

For Example: I have been playing soccer since 2017 >>> I have been playing soccer for four years.

After each answer, have them choose a pot. Click the pot to reveal the prize or penalty!
*Instructions are written right on the slide that will explain what to do.

To make the questions appear, click the question button. To display a sample answer, click the question box. To clear the screen, click the answer box. Rinse and repeat.

Happy Teaching!

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  • NC3-Lesson 1 Part 2 PPC Question Form.pptx (19.4 MB)
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    Submitted by MrIssei May 13, 2021 Estimated time: 20-50 minutes

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