Yet, Already, Just Puzzle Scramble

Students solve a puzzle and flip over the image to reveal a sentence. *Subtle Diversity: LGBT, Black, Hijabi, Tattoos*

PuzzleScramble attachments: Usually two copies (or one depending on class size) of each puzzle scramble will suffice. The scrambles have been aligned perfectly for you to simply print out the pictures and double side the copies with the correct sentence scramble on the opposite side. Be sure that you print the scrambles out correctly or they will not make sense when flipped over. It is designed so that when the groups are able to make the puzzle, they flip the cards directly over to form the sentence.

  • Envelopes
  • Worksheet

After putting the students in small groups or pairs, perform a demonstration. The explanation for this activity is super simple for students to understand if you just do one demo example for them.

Have each group take an envelope with a puzzle in it after the demonstration. Each envelope contains a picture/sentence scramble that the students can choose to unscramble either way they like, but the picture must be used to complete the sentence. When the picture is put together correctly, the students flip the cards over to either see the sentence or the person, character, or noun on the cards.
After students have discovered the sentence and the picture, they must all write the correct sentence down on their worksheets, and in this case translate it to Japanese.

Students then choose the next numbered envelope that they need.

This template is incredibly flexible. I have used it for all grade levels at JHS, and even a few at elementary school. Just plug in a grammar point into the puzzle format. Each puzzle piece doesn't have to be one word, so don't worry about making every sentence six/nine words.

Even my low level/difficult students who hardly ever do anything in English class like to get involved in this lesson. Maybe yours will too.

If they are struggling, New Horizon page 21 is a good place to refer them to!

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    Submitted by meglamb May 20, 2021 Estimated time: 20-40 mins (depending on level)
    Inspired by Puzzle Scramble
    1. toyowoka February 2, 2023

      This was just what I needed for my lessons this week. My students and JTEs enjoyed this activity a lot!

    2. kusobaba April 26, 2023

      Thanks, a great activity. I noticed this last year but forgot to say, and thank you (sorry). In question 4 the answer states "She has already waited many hours" but the picture has the sentence "She has already waited five hours". No big deal but caused my JTE some confusion.

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