Dream House! (There is/There are)

Students create their dream house using new grammar.

Before doing the activity, I show students a short picture slide show of my "dream house."
Script: "I'm going to show you my dream house. This is what it looks like. There are many special rooms in it. It is in Hokkaido by the lavender fields. There is a swimming pool. There are many fat cats. There is a really big bed. There is a movie theater! There is a pizza restaurant in the basement. There is an onsen bath outside." (customize this to what you would like in your fantasy world/dream house and show basic pictures)

Then ask them.. how about you?

Give students the worksheet and allow them to work by themselves or with friends. Showing them it's okay to think of completely unrealistic examples makes them become a lot more creative with it.

If there is extra time, let them draw what they want their house to look like. They don't have to, but some will like that aspect of it too.


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    Submitted by meglamb May 20, 2021 Estimated time: 20-30

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