There is/are

There are three libraries in this town.

  • What's in your room?

    Students practice using "There is/are" to describe what's in their room.

  • Go Fish: Fridge Edition

    Edited version of the known and loved "Go Fish" to practice countable and uncountable nouns in sentences.

  • Halloween 'simon says' (drawing activity)

    A Halloween themed simon says activity to train students' listening skills. They must listen closely to your instructions and draw what they hear.

  • Who Killed Mr. White?

    A fun detective mystery game which can improve the teamwork and the memory skills of the students.

  • There is, There are - Cave Raiders Game

    This is an adapted version of the Cave Raiders Game available from www.taysteachingtoolkit.com

  • How Many 3rd grade

    not original. refer to @sui892001 for original.

  • Spot the Difference! Worksheet

    Students look at two pictures (before and after pictures work well) and describe the differences by using "There is/are" and "There was/were."

  • Find the Thief

    A group-based speaking game for the "there is/are" grammar point. Find the thief before he steals your money!

  • Christmas (Jeopardy)

    I make a lot of Jeopardy game and this version is the most requested version by the teachers. Enjoy!

  • Are there~ Is there~ in my country?

    I divide the class in 6 groups. I`ll let them guess if there are any stores like Mcdonald`s, sushiro, etc. in my country (Philippines). You can change the quiz depends on what country are you from.

  • Halloween Escape Room

    for There is a/are ~ + preposition ~ grammar point

  • Is there/ Are there? in ALT's Home Country

    Students practice making is there/ are there questions by asking the ALT what is and isn't in their home country.

  • There is / There are

    Describe the bedroom and write sentences

  • What do you see? Picture Quiz!

    New Horizon Year 1 There is/ Is there..? activity. Brief PowerPoint introduction, and writing worksheet with a quiz game.

  • π‘«π’Šπ’”π’π’†π’š π‘ͺπ’“π’π’”π’”π’š 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

  • There is/ There are Cards

    Set of 36 cards using there is/ are

  • Eye spy

    A describing activity using the grammar there is and there are.

  • Dream House! (There is/There are)

    Students create their dream house using new grammar.

  • General knowledge quizzes!!

    Fun warm up! Get the juices flowing! ENJOY!

  • My Room

    A room drawing activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar.

  • What's in the park?

    Group activity where students practice asking "Is there/Are there?" questions with locations (in, on, under, by). Made with New Horizons 2 Unit 6.2 in mind.

  • Airplane Crash

    An activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar by having the students search an airplane crash site.

  • Weird Festivals!

    "Is there a _______ festival?" (insert weird festival)

  • Is There Any Milk?

    This is an activity to practice using countable and non-countable nouns.

  • It's About Christmas

    A Christmas-themed worksheet activity where students learn Christmas vocabulary and create sentences with prepositional phrases.

  • I Love My City

    The students fill out a sheet in the style of Multi Plus 2 of New Horizon 2.

  • Bedroom Drawing

    Students listen to their partner’s instructions and attempt to draw a replica of a bedroom.

  • Kathy's Game

    A fast-paced game where teams race to be the first to do the instructions correctly.

  • Relative Park Drawing

    Students listen to a description of a park scene and they must draw it.

  • ALT's Room

    Students practice using prepositions by asking the whereabouts of objects.

  • Andy's Bedroom

    Students listen to the teacher describe their bedroom and they must draw it. Afterwards, they write sentences about what they've drawn.

  • Is There Sumo In America?

    Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."

  • Good Witness

    Students test their memory by looking at a picture and in prepositional phrase form, writing what they saw.

  • Rescue 119

    Students help rescue plane crash victims by locating them in a classroom and then writing a report to submit to the rescue authorities.

  • My Town Lesson Plan

    Practice 'there is' and 'there are' with four linked activities.

  • Monster In The Bedroom

    Students listen to where the objects are and then connect the dots to find the hidden animal.


    The horse race activity played on the board. I often do it as a review before tests.

  • There is... There are

    An activity (set in Tokyo, Japan) for practicing "There is" and "there are"

  • Is there a _______ in your house?

    Students practice "There is" questions by asking each other what they have in their houses.

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