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  • Indirect Questions Kahoot

    10 simple questions to warm up and review the grammar.

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • Minecraft Diamond QuestπŸ’Žβ›(Sentence Practice Act.)

    A quick game that can be played as a warm up or end-of-class activity where the students play in teams in hopes of finding diamond by making sentences.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: New Horizon 1 (JHS 1st)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for JHS first graders that go with the New Horizon 2020 textbook series.

  • Transportation

    Means of transportation

  • Wasei Eigo Kahoot

    A short Kahoot to learn about Wasei Eigo and loanwords

  • Don't Catch Magikarp!

    A quick Pokemon themed quiz game!

  • My Original Haiku (p. 27) ✏️

    New Horizon 3 (APR 2021~) - Unit 2 Read and Think 2 The JTE can display the students' work outside of their classroom.

  • Let's write a haiku in English!

    A worksheet to help with Unit 2 of New Horizons 3 if you want to have your students write haiku in English.

  • Infinitive & Gerund

    Forms and Uses of Infinitives and Gerunds

  • Past Continuous Interrupted

    Past continuous and simple past tenses

  • Can You Do It?

    Warm-up or warm-down activity for ES students

  • 6th grade happyo sheet: live/ES/treasure/usually

    This is a worksheet to help practice the phrases to be studied in the 2nd unit of the 6th grade ES text book called New Horizon

  • Self test/check about the alphabet

    These are worksheets to help learners test themselves to see if they can remember how to write the letters of the alphabet.

  • ENGLISH HEROES - An English MOBA style game

    A League of Legends inspired classroom game that can be adapted to any grammar point.

  • Telepathy

    Students guess first row students' answers using telepathy!

  • Battleship for 1 nen Are you..?

    Are you__? questions battleship.

  • Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

    A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

  • Lets Try 2 Unit 2 weather and clothes matching

    Worksheet where students put the correct clothes / accessories in the correct weather box.

  • Comparative Survival Game (Trivia)

    A simple survival game using various trivia questions.

  • Popular Game Character Names in ENG/JPY

    A PPT that shows some popular game character name differences from English to Japanese. Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon.

  • Whack-o-Mole! πŸ•³οΈπŸ”¨ (Pair Speaking Act.)

    This is a pair speaking game that requires students to make sentences in order to hit their partner's mole. (similar to battleship)

  • Gehn's Labyrinth 2

    Maze game with maps

  • Cupid's Messenger πŸ“£β€οΈ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • ABAB 🦐🦐 (Word Guessing Warm Up Game)

    This is a quick and fun pair game where the students have to give hints to their partner without saying the word (it's pretty much tabboo but with a fun theme 🦐🦐)

  • Months and Seasons Picture Reveal

    It's a guessing activity where the students can review the months and seasons.

  • Digital Typhoon / Pirate Gameboard

    An entirely digital typhoon / pirate to remove the need for laminating, cutting out, and arranging cards.

  • Country Riddles: Who am I?

    A worksheet where students guess which country is being described based on short riddles, word bank included.

  • Blooket Website

    Better than kahoot in my opinion!

  • Sunshine 2 Review Kahoot!

    End of year Kahoot to review Sunshine 2 textbook

  • Zodiac Animals Word Search

    A quick word search based on the final chapter of Let's Try 1!

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • WORD SCRAMBLE Vocab - Spelling Review

    This is a review of some words first and second grade students have already learned ( Unit 1 - 8, Here We Go 1 and 2)

  • Who is your hero - Crossword

    A crossword using some of the key words from Chapter 9 of the Here We Go 1 textbook

  • Animals A to Zed (trace/color in)

    Some worksheets that have a list of "animals" from A to Z with spaces to either trace or draw.

  • What's Missing? All Animals Love Soccer!

    A "What's Missing?" PowerPoint I like to use to review animals!

  • Super Typhoon Game (PPT)

    A Nintendo-ified spin on the popular ESL game, Typhoon.

  • Word Search for Food (lower/upper case)

    A word search which involves writing lower case words into upper case words and then finding them in a puzzle.

  • Past Tense Kahoot Quiz

    A very simple Kahoot game that reviews the simple past tense. Can be used for junior high school grades 1-3 and up.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 6 (6th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 6th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series. If you use New Horizon books, some of these might fall into 5th grade instead.

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