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  • Country Riddles: Who am I?

    A worksheet where students guess which country is being described based on short riddles, word bank included.

  • Blooket Website

    Better than kahoot in my opinion!

  • Sunshine 2 Review Kahoot!

    End of year Kahoot to review Sunshine 2 textbook

  • Zodiac Animals Word Search

    A quick word search based on the final chapter of Let's Try 1!

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • WORD SCRAMBLE Vocab - Spelling Review

    This is a review of some words first and second grade students have already learned ( Unit 1 - 8, Here We Go 1 and 2)

  • Who is your hero - Crossword

    A crossword using some of the key words from Chapter 9 of the Here We Go 1 textbook

  • Animals A to Zed (trace/color in)

    Some worksheets that have a list of "animals" from A to Z with spaces to either trace or draw.

  • What's Missing? All Animals Love Soccer!

    A "What's Missing?" PowerPoint I like to use to review animals!

  • Super Typhoon Game (PPT)

    A Nintendo-ified spin on the popular ESL game, Typhoon.

  • Word Search for Food (lower/upper case)

    A word search which involves writing lower case words into upper case words and then finding them in a puzzle.

  • Past Tense Kahoot Quiz

    A very simple Kahoot game that reviews the simple past tense. Can be used for junior high school grades 1-3 and up.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 6 (6th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 6th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series. If you use New Horizon books, some of these might fall into 5th grade instead.

  • Dice Game Review

    Students roll a die and answer the designated question. Great for a quick review and covering a wide variety of questions.

  • Bunch of Fun Riddles

    Here's a list of riddles with visuals for your students to enjoy.

  • ES 5th grade U7 Kahoots

    I thought I'd leave the kahoots I've created for 5th grade, unit 7. I hope these are useful to you!

  • (I wish...) (If I were...) Subjunctive Mood Game

    Quick warm up activity for reviewing the subjunctive mood/modal verb.

  • Snorlax Eating Game - Food Vocabulary Review

    A fun way to review the vocabulary for food.

  • Let's Try 2! Unit 9 Daily Activities

    Simple warm up activity for learning daily activities/routine.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 9 (Kahoot! review and quiz)

    A simple quiz game you can use for review and warm-up for students to memorize daily routines based on Let's Try 2 book.

  • "Who are you?" PPX & quiz

    A PowerPoint for Unit 9 of Let's Try! 1 containing a variety of animals and finishing with four three-hint quizzes.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 5 (5th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 5th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series

  • Blackboard Boggle

    An easy, fast and flexible no prep vocabulary game adapted from the Boggle boardgame for JHS/HS classrooms!

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Let's Try 2 (4th grade)

    Another batch of kahoot quizzes to see how well your elementary 4th grade students are retaining vocabulary!

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Let's Try 1 (3rd grade)

    A list of links to play Kahoot quizzes that correspond with the vocabulary from Let's Try 1 textbook for 3rd grade students in Elementary school.

  • Shapes (Draw and count)

    Look at the youtube video and draw and count the shapes.

  • from pictures to a word

    short activity for warming up the class

  • Past Tense Kahoot

    New Horizons 2, Units 4 and 7 focus on the past tense. Please feel free to use this Kahoot as a warm-up or review activity with your students when studying the past tense.

  • This is my favorite place at school!

    A quick worksheet to warm kids up to talk about their favorite place at school.

  • Grammar Casino

    This is a betting-style game for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • Passive Voice 3 Hint Country Quiz Worksheet

    I made this for my students to practice reading comprehension! This is geared toward 2nd year JHS students who need practice with passive form.

  • Who's That Pokemon? (What's This?)

    Let's Try 1 Unit 8 What's this? Pokemon Quiz

  • Santa Claus VS The Grinch

    A Christmas point game that focuses on answering 5 W's questions.

  • Kahoot Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is a Kahoot Game for New Horizons 2 covering Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • Christmas Bingo

    Christmas themed Bingo for 1st year students

  • Match the Christmas Things

    Students draw a line from the picture to the English names of some common Christmas things. For 1st and 2nd year students

  • Christmas Quiz

    Students try to unscramble the letters to spell the correct word after reading a short hint

  • Christmas kahoot for 3rd graders

    A Christmas based trivia kahoot.

  • New Horizon 2 Unit 5 (Universal Design)

    Kahoot online game for the review of new words, contents and grammar in NH 2 Unit 5

  • New Horizon 3 Unit 6 Review

    Kahoot online game to review the new words, contents and grammar of NH 3 Unit 6 (Beyond Borders)

  • Top 5 activities

  • Haunted House - Choose Your Own Adventure

    Students try to survive the night in a haunted house by voting as a class to make choices. Can your class make it through until morning?

  • Way Home - Typing Challenge

    Use a keyboard to type a bridge to safety.

  • Phonics Survival Game - Fall Guys theme

    A sort of last one standing, choose the correct answer game the whole class can play.

  • ABC Race! Online Game

    An online game where you see how fast you can click on the letters A through Z in order.

  • Magic Quiz

    A family feud style quiz game

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