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  • "This is my day" Kahoot quiz

    Review activity for Let's Try 2, Unit 9: This is my day.

  • Other ways to say “very + adjective” Kahoot

    An Altopedia user, juliahoolia, put some nice English board materials on here a while ago. I’ve made a Kahoot from one of them which might be useful for 3rd graders and high level/grouped 2nd graders.

  • Kirby's Cafe - I like (Food & Drink)

    This is a simple power point game to practice the phrase “I like______” by naming different food and drinks to get points.

  • ACNH Review + Fun PPT

    Use this PPT game as a Lesson Review or for a Trivia Fun activity with the students. Students will answer the question to receive cute villagers! Based on the Animal Crossing Nintendo Game.

  • 2023 Review Quiz

    10 minute or so warm up Kahoot

  • Make a Pizza!

    This is my first attempt at making an actual game. So please give me feedback!

  • Where is the famous person from? (Kahoot)

    Short and sweet warm up game

  • Movie Mania Trivia 🎥

    A PPT with lots of fun questions about popular movies and TV shows. This is perfect as a warm up game or a full-sized lesson. It's also a great way to show them popular movies dubbed in English!

  • Friendly Alphabets Digital Version

    This activity is for Let's Try 1 Unit 6, page 24. No cutting of cards, more time to interact and enjoy.

  • Halloween - window reveal game

    Halloween themed powerpoint game that can be used by any grade level to review numbers 1-20

  • Exploding Kittens 💥🙀 (Ver. 2)

    I made a lot of changes to add some "extra flavour". The original PPT is made by Tay (Tay's Teaching Toolkit). I included some BG music, a 30 sec timer, made new rare cards, and other neat stuff.

  • 6年生 Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    (Original by mssamansa)A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • The Ultimate Animal Quiz 🐾

    A PowerPoint with a wide range of fun questions about 24 different animals from around the world. This is perfect as a warm up activity or a full-sized lesson for special needs.

  • Trick or Treat! - Halloween Theme Review Game

    A fun review game with a Halloween theme!

  • Let's Try 2, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

    Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

  • Let's Try 1, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

    Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

  • NHE6 U5: Animal Examples

    A PowerPoint that uses a variety of animals to demonstrate the grammar for the unit.

  • Indirect Questions Kahoot

    10 simple questions to warm up and review the grammar.

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • Minecraft Diamond Quest💎⛏(Sentence Practice Game)

    A quick game that can be played as a warm up or end-of-class activity where the students play in teams in hopes of finding diamond by making sentences.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: New Horizon 1 (JHS 1st)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for JHS first graders that go with the New Horizon 2020 textbook series.

  • Transportation

    Means of transportation

  • Wasei Eigo Kahoot

    A short Kahoot to learn about Wasei Eigo and loanwords

  • Don't Catch Magikarp!

    A quick Pokemon themed quiz game!

  • My Original Haiku (p. 27) ✏️

    New Horizon 3 (APR 2021~) - Unit 2 Read and Think 2 The JTE can display the students' work outside of their classroom.

  • Let's write a haiku in English!

    A worksheet to help with Unit 2 of New Horizons 3 if you want to have your students write haiku in English.

  • Infinitive & Gerund

    Forms and Uses of Infinitives and Gerunds

  • Past Continuous Interrupted

    Past continuous and simple past tenses

  • Can You Do It?

    Warm-up or warm-down activity for ES students

  • 6th grade happyo sheet: live/ES/treasure/usually

    This is a worksheet to help practice the phrases to be studied in the 2nd unit of the 6th grade ES text book called New Horizon

  • Self test/check about the alphabet

    These are worksheets to help learners test themselves to see if they can remember how to write the letters of the alphabet.

  • ENGLISH HEROES - An English MOBA style game

    A League of Legends inspired classroom game that can be adapted to any grammar point.

  • Telepathy

    Students guess first row students' answers using telepathy!

  • Battleship for 1 nen Are you..?

    Are you__? questions battleship.

  • Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

    A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

  • Lets Try 2 Unit 2 weather and clothes matching

    Worksheet where students put the correct clothes / accessories in the correct weather box.

  • Comparative Survival Game (Trivia)

    A simple survival game using various trivia questions.

  • Popular Game Character Names in ENG/JPY

    A PPT that shows some popular game character name differences from English to Japanese. Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon.

  • Whack-o-Mole! 🕳️🔨 (Pair Speaking Act.)

    This is a pair speaking game that requires students to make sentences in order to hit their partner's mole. (similar to battleship)

  • Gehn's Labyrinth 2

    Maze game with maps

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