Social Distancing

This activity takes social distancing measures into account.

  • Hidden Message

    Students complete a worksheet to find a hidden message at the end.

  • Manners in Canada must/have to

    A true/false powerpoint activity with questions about must-know Canadian manners.

  • Let’s replace a defective product.

    This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product”. It role-plays returning a defective or unwanted product to a shop.

  • Tablet Activities - Elementary

    Are there any JETs from Kumamoto here? Thanks for these awesome activities.

  • Color Bingo

    Students color in the bingo squares per their liking and the teacher randomly picks/draws colors.

  • Shark Attack (Hangman Alternative)

    An easy-to-understand spelling game to practice the alphabet. Instead of drawing a hangman, a looming shark comes nearer and nearer to a swimmer with every incorrect guess.

  • NHE5 Unit 4: Who is this? Game

    NHE5U4: Using the "they can" grammar point, students have to figure out which character the teacher is talking about.

  • Subjects- Let's Find Kirby + Stereo Game

    Review and practice Elementary school subjects while trying to find Kirby and playing Stereo Game

  • Space Invaders - vocabulary attack!

    This is a vocabulary game based on the arcade game space invaders! Will your students shoot down the words or get hit first?

  • Battleships (social distance / whole class style)

    The classic battleships game adapted to be played at the front of the class instead of in pairs. Only recommended for small classes.

  • LT1 U3: How Many? Counting Practice PowerPoint

    A guaranteed* hit with any class, this PowerPoint has students count things they actually find interesting, like popular anime characters, instead of apples and erasers. *not guaranteed

  • Must and mustn't (School Rules in Philippines)

    This is a true or false quiz about schools in my country (Philippines)

  • Guess Who!

    The classic Guess Who! game (with just printouts) to practice "do you have" and "are you" questions.

  • "The Garden" point game

    A simple game based on Typhoon - but instead of natural disasters, it's crows in your flower garden! Good for any kind of review and small classes.

  • Finding Nemo Colour Quest

    Cute Nemo-themed PPT game to practice colours. Intended for elementary school students.

  • How do you~?

    Super simple worksheet to get students to practice questions.

  • Friend Chemistry

    Fun pair activity to get students to use the grammar of TO + VERB.

  • Test Your Luck!

    Fortune telling activity using present perfect questions.

  • Campaign for Nature

    students use passive voice to advocate for the environment

  • Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Adventures

    A choose-your-adventure activity in a PowerPoint.

  • Shocking News

    students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

  • "People Watching" and poster

    students practice "looks" for appearances and make a poster following New Horizon 1 textbook activity

  • NH1 unit 9 quiz game

    practice "try to", "want to", "need to" in a group quiz game

  • "Who is (s)he?" celebrity guessing game

    pairs conversation game practicing gender pronouns (he, she) and occupation words while using question word "Who?", creative expression opportunity

  • New Horizons 2 Unit 2 crossword

    A simple crossword worksheet for NH2 Unit 2

  • Driver's License

    Students watch Olivia Rodrigo's Grammy performance of "Driver's License" and listen to lyrics while filling in their worksheet.

  • Pokemon Catch Review

    Based on Mario Jeopardy and other Jeopardy games, this one is based on Pokemon! Useful for reviewing grammar!

  • I like animals

    Find the pokeball by saying "I like [animal name]"

  • NH⑥ Unit 3 materials ("Let's go to Italy")

    Printout and digital materials for use with New Horizons 6 Unit 3, "Let's go to Italy". Includes examples of various countries.

  • NH⑤ Unit 2 materials (When is your birthday?)

    Printouts to practice dates, holidays, ordinal numbers. Designed for use with New Horizons 5 Unit 2.

  • Who can do what?

    A short writing activity and guessing game for students to practice writing "I can..." sentences.

  • Weather Powerpoint Game

    An easy game to practice saying "It's (sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy/windy/stormy/hot/cold)."

  • Sit Down Elimination Games

    Students are asked a question and based on their answer they either stay standing or are eliminated and sit down. Great for short reviews at the start or end of class.

  • What animals do you like?

    This can be used to review the question, "What animal do you like?" and the answer "I like~."

  • Detective Conan- Have you Ever

    It is a Pictionary type game. Students must use the pictures to determine what question is being asked. They must use the target phrase "Have you ever..."

  • Kaiten Ushi

    Typing game with a little bit of pachinko-style gameplay.

  • Disney Guess Who

    A Disney version of the popular board game Guess Who, which can be used to practice relative pronouns (Is it someone who...). Designed to be played on PCs, but can also be used as a worksheet.

  • Let's Play Memory!: Online Multiplayer Game

    An online multiplayer memory (しんけいすいじゃく) game that you can use with tablets.

  • Canadian Slang Quiz

    10 Canadian slang words plus one bonus round. Students can try to guess the meaning.

  • Feelings Game

    A simple PowerPoint game to review feelings (happy, sad, angry, fine, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, tired).

  • Top 5 activities

  • Phonics Survival Game - Fall Guys theme

    A sort of last one standing, choose the correct answer game the whole class can play.

  • Magic Quiz

    A family feud style quiz game

  • 4 hint quiz

    A quiz giving easy hints to an animal that the students guess.

  • ABC Race! Online Game

    An online game where you see how fast you can click on the letters A through Z in order.

  • 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝑪𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

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