Computer Guide

Materials to teach students computer literacy skills to make better use of their new personal computers.

Submitted by JellyJ

June 7, 2021

Estimated time: 15-20 mins

My students at various schools are finally being allowed to touch their new PCs. Hooray! But they havent really been taught how to type or any efficent ways of using them. I made this guide to give to the students so they have a better grasp of how to use the keyboard. You can use this in your English class or collab with the Tech teacher and do a computer class.

Generally my short intro to using the computers goes as follows:
1. Explain touch typing and where students should put their fingers on the keyboard. Have them use the keyboard on the worksheet.
2. Have students open Word and practice writing various words in Japanese using touch typing (ex. ka ki ku ke ko; neko; daikon; etc.)
3. Show students how to switch between the Japanese and English keyboard using the 半角/全角 button. Prompt them to write some words in English (ex. kiwi; banana; apple; etc.)
4. Have students write sentences and questions to practice using the Shift button to put in special characters.

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