Honeycomb Bees

Students compete against each other to name the flashcards and try to link their bees together.

Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le

Review flashcards or target language and numbers 1-50 with students.
Have students make groups and sit in rows. Assign each group a color for the bee.
Start by explaining to students that as long as they link six bees together, they will win the game.
ALT will show a flashcard and the first student to raise his/her hand gets to answer. If the student answers it correctly, he or she gets to choose a honeycomb to place their bee on by saying the number and teacher will place the bee on the honeycomb. Students may also place their bees to block other groups from connecting their bees.
Then the students in front will go to the back of the lines and the next students will be the person answering. Keep going until one group has six bees linked together.

You should be able to color the bees with any color you want or always use paint to color the bees. Make sure you have at least have nine bees with the same color. Then before you cut the bees out, laminate the sheet first. Finally, use the double-sided tape to tape a piece of magnet to the back of each bee.
Print out the honeycomb and blow it up to put on the blackboard.

Submitted by Englipedia Classics May 9, 2018 Estimated time: 15-20

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