Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten

Aimed at students who have not started Elementary School yet.

  • Weather Janken Battle

    A simple weather board game

  • Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

    Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Easter Powerpoint

    powerpoint of easter activities

  • Doraemon Review Quiz

    18 Question review quiz with Doraemon characters. Behind each door is a character or gadget. The goal is to find Nobita and friends.

  • Animal Crossing Animals Worksheet (小1年生)

    Introduces animals and "I like/don't like"

  • Zootopia

    Different kinds of ANIMALS

  • Days of the Week - Where is the Character?

    Game for practicing days of the week. Click on the day and a character comes out.

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 9 Who Are You Character Quiz

    Based on my earlier Logo Quiz for Let's Try 2 Unit 6, this character quiz can be used for Let's Try 1 Unit 9 Who Are You

  • Let's practice shapes with Totoro and others

    Let's Try 3 ~ To find the hidden characters they have to say the name of the shapes and their colors as a review.

  • Make a face! ~ Worksheet

    This worksheet activity is for 1st and 2nd grade. Just a fill-up activity that you can add at the end of the lesson.

  • Snorlax Eating Game - Food Vocabulary Review

    A fun way to review the vocabulary for food.

  • Fruits / Vegetables Bomb

    A simple game to find (or avoid) the hidden bombs.

  • Shapes (Draw and count)

    Look at the youtube video and draw and count the shapes.

  • Zodiac animals flashcards

    I made these cute zodiac animals which was very helpful for kindergarter, grades 1 and 2 lessons.

  • Animal Hint Quiz (4 Hints)

    Easy 10 question animal hint quiz, with habitat, food, footprint, and one bonus hint.

  • Animal Sounds Quiz Ppt

    Simple 10 question powerpoint about what sounds certain animals make.

  • Where is Santa's Hat?

    A short Christmas-themed PPT game aimed at lower elementary and kindergarten students.

  • Christmas Shapes PowerPoint Game

    A PowerPoint game where students learn shapes and colors while making Christmas pictures

  • Jobs Hint Quiz

    PPT reveal game to guess various jobs

  • Christmas Bouzu Mekuri Card Game

    Based on the card game Bouzu Mekuri but with Christmas images

  • Christmas Uno Cards

    Christmas themed Uno cards for small classes

  • Fruits and Veggies Cards (regular and large print)

    Printable cards for learning/reviewing fruits and veggies.

  • Kirby Shapes (& Colors!) Flash Cards

    More flash cards of shapes made to look like Kirby, in different colors!

  • Alphabet Action Song

    Singing the alphabet song with simple actions.

  • Another Missing Fruits Game

    Students try to remember what fruits are missing from the fruit stall.

  • Alphabet Cards (Large Print)

    Large print alphabet cards for visually impaired students.

  • Bomb バクダン Game

    A simple game in which you draw a bomb and points under vocabulary cards posted on the blackboard.

  • Black Box

    A fun activity in which students give hints to a student who is touching an unidentified object that everyone else knows.

  • Mickey and Friends(Colors)

    Choose the colors you see in Mickey and Friends Characters.

  • Hello! How are you? (Starter Activity)

    Let's look at simple conversations featuring beloved characters!

  • Character Colour-In! (Starter Activity)

    Interactive whiteboard activity for ES Students featuring Pokemon, Sumikko Gurashi and more.

  • Time and routine mini cards

    ready to cut mini-cards and daily routine for short games

  • Finding Nemo Colour Quest

    Cute Nemo-themed PPT game to practice colours. Intended for elementary school students.

  • Gesture Game

    Use gestures in the form of a competitive game to teach students target phrases. Student level - Elementary

  • 1-20 Snakes and Ladders

    Elementary grades snake and ladder game from numbers 1 to 20. Game board is designed to fit B4 size paper - can be resized in the print menu to fit other formats.

  • Colours Dobble (Colors Spot It)

    A 13 card Dobble game on colours

  • Kirby Shapes Flash Cards

    Flash Cards of shapes made to look like Kirby

  • Halloween in the USA

    Presentation about Halloween in the USA

  • Animal sounds (Radio Game)

    A simple game of radio with animal sounds.

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