The teacher can use this activity to start a class.

  • New Horizon Kahoot Collection 🌐

    A collection of all the kahoots I've made for JHS New Horizon 1, 2 & 3 (2021 Edition). This collection also includes kahoots I made for the mini games (Tallest Tower, Robot Run, etc.)

  • Google Slides for 'May I give you this bomb?'

    Google Slides for practicing 'May I~?'

  • Numbers and Feelings Dobble (Spot It)

    Numbers 1~20 and feelings Dobble game made for Let's Try 1 U3 numbers, with feelings thrown in for review.

  • Spy x Family: Code breaker worksheet

    Here is a quick Spy Family themed code breaker worksheet I made to review adjectives(added other words to stay on theme). You can use this to supplement a lesson on adjectives or as a filler.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather? Quiz

    Quiz based on sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather. Also includes the mentioned sports and activities from the textbook (make a snowman, play cards, play dodgeball, play tag etc.)

  • Bob Marley

    A small introduction of Jamaica's reggae icon in light of his upcoming movie

  • How Are You? Janken Game✊📃✂️

    (Let's Try 1, Unit 2) A warm-up activity to practice emotions!

  • Activity Worksheet for New Horizon 1 on "Are You"

    - This is a four-part worksheet. - Review emotions, countries, and sports before the role-play using `` ARE YOU`` - Students must engage in the activity and interact with their classmates.

  • "Call me..." train/the Name Game

    Repurposed version of the Name Game using "Call me..." from New Horizons 2 Unit 1

  • Mashle & Satoshi Introduction

    Desk work: This is an A4 sized worksheet that you cut in half to save paper. The characters are Mashle and Satoshi from Pokemon (along with Pikachu). This was a hit with my 3rd graders.

  • Fruit Silhouette Quiz (Elementary grade 1-6)

    a simple fruit silhouette guessing quiz for ES1-6 and special needs junior high. Students have found this quite fun!

  • Canada Versus Japan Differences

    Some comparisons between Canada and Japan students might find interesting. Koban/Mounties, Mount Fuji/Rocky Mountains, Nara Deer/Canadian Moose, JR Train/CN Train etc. For Canadian ALTs!

  • Let's Try 2: Unit 2 (Weather Board game)

    This is a weather board game I created using Canva. Attached to this are large picture cards and the game board. This was inspired by thaist.

  • New Horizon 5th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot

    A quick kahoot to review unit 1 of the 5th grade New Horizon textbook.

  • (be) going to question matching game

    Whole-class game using the grammar (be) going to. Powerpoint slides with example and instructions included

  • G1 pg 14 Are you/ Do you battleship

    Battleship game with emotions and animals to practice Are you/ Do you like.

  • New Horizon 6th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot!

    A quick and easy kahoot quiz to review unit 1 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • Can You Bingo/Bongo?

    Designed to be done with Unit 1 Part 3 of the New Horizons 1 Textbook. It can be used with any book really for can you.

  • Who Are You? 1st grade JHS (Sunshine 1) Quiz Game

    This is a 'Who Are You?' hint-quiz game with 5 popular characters. The wording and text box is made in accordance with the JHS textbook 'sunshine 1'.

  • Idioms quiz

    A warmup multiple choice quiz about some English idioms!

  • Sports Jersey Quiz

    Guess the sport based on the Japanese team jerseys!

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz!

    Warm up quiz for older students. Students will listen to the idiom/saying and guess the meaning based on A, B, or C.

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 1 (Flag activities)

    These are 3 activities students can do to learn the English names of 9 country flags. This is based on the Let's Try 1: Unit 1 textbook for 3rd graders.

  • Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

    Some simple alphabet tracing worksheets.

  • Emoji Game

    Guess the word using emoji's! It's a good time filler at the end of class if you have extra time.

  • NH2 - U1 - Going to ~ pick your own adventure.

    Pick your own adventure ppt with the focus on "going to".

  • Key Word Game Variation

    Just another simple way to play the Key Word Game with a little variation.

  • "What's this?" Alphabet Phonics Quiz

    Quiz that asks students to guess the answer based on the letter it starts with. Best for warm ups with younger students.

  • Bowser Bingo!

    Ice-breaker bingo activity for large groups - multiple classes & grades combined.

  • Hello Nice to Meet You

    A simple powerpoint to go over greetings for the first time.

  • 🌏Greetings Around the World!🌏

    (Let's Try 1, Unit 1) Students practice and learn different ways to say "hello" with a simple quiz game!

  • Alphabet practice with へのへのもへじ

    Inspired by JackyKillian1701's Alphabet Henohenomoheji activity!

  • Handwriting Practice Sheets

    Handwriting practice for all the letters of the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year, plus some extra space for practice and an example of dialogue or vocabulary from a textbook.

  • I like ~ (connect-four)

    Simple activity to practice the key sentence "I like~"

  • "What's this?" Spotlight Quiz (3rd grade)

    Spotlight quiz for incoming 3rd graders. Reviews animals and fruits

  • Hello!I’m Emily (Let's try1) Unit 1

    A simple conversation tracker to help students to keep track of the friends that they've already talked to.

  • Find Someone Who (Bingo Challenge)

    A first day of class ice breaker activity for students to get to know each other better.

  • Character Name Cards

    Here are some name cards with popular characters to use with your students. Use them however you please.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Ver. 2)

    A simplified and linear version of one of my popular games I play at my schools. This version is easier to run. I thought it was worth making a new post since the layout is now completely different.

  • Description Activity Warm-up

    Share images on LOILO NOTE and have students talk in pairs and describe about something they choose from the list.

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