Relative Pronoun Mario Review Game

A Mario-themed review game to practice the relative pronoun

Submitted by barronator

November 15, 2021

Estimated time: 30-50 mins

This is a typical "bomb" type game where students choose from 25 questions and earn points.

There are many ways to play the game.

I like to play in six groups. Each round one group chooses the question. Each group gets a whiteboard and for each question every group writes an answer. Each group that gets a correct answer gets one point. However, the group whose turn it is and who chose the question will also get the special prize for that round (coins or shells). For each round a new team member writes.

I prefer to play this way because all teams can be involved for every question.

The game comes with review intro slides as well.

As Mario would say, "Let's a-go!"

  • Rei Yumi December 23, 2021

    Great! Thank you for sharing this super awesome Supermario game. It works well with Microsoft PowerPoint but unfortunately, it doesn't work well with google slides. The sound effects and hyperlinks are not working well. Please try playing it with Google slides. On Slide 12 (pls click # 1 as a sample) it will be linked to (slides13). Then click the "?" linked to (slides41), then click the flag you'll be linked back to (sildes12). Al numbers are still there. #1 is supposed to be gone. TY

  • Rei Yumi December 24, 2021

    Follow up... Sorry, It was not Slide 12. I was talking about slide 11 where there are 24 numbers to choose from. Thank you once again! Merry Christmas!

  • Rei Yumi December 24, 2021

    ~continuation~To the author @barronator or to any computer wizard out there. Please help if you can suggest finding a solution to reprogram the hyperlink issue on Google Sildes11 hyperlink to other slides and loop back to sildes11. Q: How can we make the previous number disappear? Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  • gittakaiser January 13, 2022

    What do each of the shells and Bowser mean? I've never played super mario before so what do those items do to points?

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