Psionic Powers Warm Up and Unscramble Sentences

A short and somewhat silly warm up for indirect questions and then a sentences to unscramble worksheet.

A bit of prep is required since you need to cut out the cards (preferable with black backs) and prepare enough for each student to have three or four.

ALT and JTE explain or demonstrate the target language. Then tell the students today we will start by testing their psionics powers.


ALT and JTE make a pair and decide who goes first. It can be janken or just saying 'I'll go first'. The first person picks one of their cards (a star, circle or diamond) but does not show it to the other person. The first person then asks 'Do you know what my card is?' and the second person uses their psionic gifts (a bit of play acting) and asks 'Is it a circle?' if correct then say 'yes' and give them that card. Then switch turns (make sure you don't use the card you just got of course). Once a student has no cards left they sit down. After a few students have sat down end the game and count cards to see who is the most powerful in the class. If they enjoyed it or you have time play a second round.

The second part is a worksheet. The students work alone, in pairs or in groups to unscramble to sentences, write a translation and have the answer checked. I generally cut out the sentences and have them receive them one at a time.

Submitted by UonumaRobert January 10, 2019 Estimated time: 10 minutes or so for the card game and maybe 20 to 30 for the scrambled sentences.

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