Three Boys: Comparative Logic Puzzle

Cards and instructions for a logic puzzle using comparatives "-er"

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki

December 8, 2021

Estimated time: 15 minutes

This is a logic puzzle for students to practice understanding comparative words such as 'taller,' 'shorter,' 'heavier,' 'older,' and 'younger.' This activity is based on a resource found at { }. Thanks also to Irasutoya for the illustrations.

Beforehand: print and cut out the cards in the attached xlsx or pdf files. In the xlsx file, they are in the sheet labelled 'Cards.' One sheet is one complete set, so you should print it out multiple times to get multiple sets. Print out the answer key and instructions from the xlsx sheet labelled 'Instructions.' This is for your reference.

In class: form students into pairs or threes. Explain the writing and pictures on each card. Remind students of words such as 'heavier' and 'older.' Give each pair of students a set of the fifteen cards. Tell them they have to sort them according to your clues. Then, recite the clues and write them on the blackboard one at a time.

This activity was a little challenging but still possible for junior high school second-grade "basic" classes with eight students.


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