Frog and Toad: The Letter (ONE WORLD 6)

Lesson intended to go along with the Read and Act 2 activity on pages 82-85 of the ONE WORLD 6 Textbook.

Submitted by kendaaru

January 12, 2022

Estimated time: 45-50 min

Intended for:

Frog and Toad are Friends (PPT): I start by asking students if they remember reading Frog and Toad in Japanese. Most remember from grade 1. Then, I go over the main vocabulary for the lesson using slides 2-5. Then, I read the story for the first time to the students, asking questions about the pictures as I go ("What is his name?" "Is he happy or sad?" "What is this?" etc.). I try to project myself and make gestures/motions to make the story as intriguing as possible.

Frog and Toad Character Cards (PDF): I assign groups using these character cards to read along with me for the second time. I generally do this by row. Students assigned to Snail should also be the narrator of the story, as Snail only has one line.

Frog and Toad Timeline (PDF): Students should help you put the events of the story in order using these cards. I did not get around to doing this last time, but if you have a day 2 for this unit with your kids, I would suggest doing it then. Ask similar questions about the photos as you did during the first reading of the story ("What is his name?" "Is he happy or sad?" "What is this?" etc.).

Frog and Toad Worksheet: Vocabulary matching and writing practice. My students completed this really quickly, but some had some issues with correctly writing some of the letters, so walk around and check as they work.

Note: Please explain to your students before showing the video that they may not understand everything, as the original TV show was based on the original version of The Letter, not the abridged version in the textbook. However, as they had listened to and read along with the story twice by the time I showed the video, my students understood the show and seemed to enjoy it (comments of, "わあ、昔" aside).


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