One World

Specific to the One World textbook.

  • Passive Voice memory game

    Memory and match card game plus worksheet

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

  • Tips for Explaining Things and People - Taboo Game

    based on One World JHS 2nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Speaking #4 page 64

  • Ordering at a Restaurant_Speaking Practice

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 1年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.85 Ordering at a Restaurant Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Megumi taught me how to play BINGO.

    A classroom bingo game that practices the statement 'told/showed/taught me how/when/where/what to~?'

  • Clothes Shopping - Speaking Activity

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 2年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.75 Shopping Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Hunter and Animals Matching Game (using Who Q's)

    Game Mechanics to practice speaking/using "Who" questions / Reduced Relative Clause specific to One World 1nensei book, Lesson 6-2, p. 78-79 (Example: Who wants mango pudding?)

  • Can You Do It? Warm-Up Activity

    Based on One World 5 textbook, for 5nensei ES, Lesson 5 "I Can ___" Verbs A powerpoint/pdf file of pictures of physical challenges, that students will try to do/prove they can do.

  • 6年生 Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    (Original by mssamansa)A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Pi-Gru Dodgeball Game

    Team Powerpoint Game from Tay's Teaching Toolkit. This is for some unlisted grammar in One World 2 L5-3 p60 described as "{teach + (人) + how to~} means teach (person) how to do something".

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1)

    An online interactive game intended for 1st graders to review One World 1 ~ Lessons 4 and 5.

  • ALT can or can't .

    The slides show different can do/can't do actions using One World smile 5 for ALT teacher. Students guess the right answer about ALT by saying the sentences and get Taiyaki as present.

  • I know how to celebrate halloween

    A Kahoot! for students to identify the difference between how to, what to, when to, where to using details about halloween and other Japanese festivals.

  • "I Can" Boardgame

    ES 5nensei OneWorld Lesson5 "I Can ..." Speaking Practice Activity Boardgame with all the verbs / phrases learned specifically to OneWorld textbook

  • Lesson Review-Jeopardy: JHS 3年生 OneWorld Lesson3-4

    Jeopardy Game Show powerpoint file specifically for JHS 3nensei One World, Lesson 3-4 Unit Review Reduced Relative Clause, Relative Pronouns

  • One World - 3年生 (Review Game) ~ Lesson 4 and 5

    A fun and engaging online game for third grader students reviewing sentence patterns and vocabulary learned from Lessons 4 and 5.

  • Verbs - Past Simple (Speaking Practice Activities)

    One World - JHS - 1年生 - Lesson4-1 1. Writing and Speaking Activity 2. Summer Bingo 3. Summer Tic Tac Toe 4. Sugoroku Boardgame 5. My Daily Journal

  • Star Wars Game Daily Routine

    Powerpoint game to review all the "routine expressions" from One World Smiles 5 Unit 4. From the template provided by rmsmith, and originally by DavoTheWise.

  • Baseball game (gerund ~ 動詞 + ing)

    A flexible, fun listening activity using the basic rules of baseball game.

  • Sushi Scramble 'SVOO=that clause'

    @JoshJ's excellent Powerpoint game. This is for the very specific grammar point referred to as 'SVOO=that clause' in the One World 2 JHS textbook. I just entered the questions into the template.

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1 ~ Word List from p. 148)

    A review of adjectives and verbs for 1年生 (1st graders).

  • One World Smiles 5 Unit 3 Flashcards

    Simple A4 Flashcards for School Subjects - credit to sui892001 and Flaticon

  • A great idea. (Read and act.)

    This is a speaking and acting activity for Grade 6 OWS6

  • WH Question Practice Doraemon Feud Game

    This is an edited version of UonumaRobert's Doraemon Feud Game. It's to practice the WH Questions ONLY from Lessons 1+2 of One World JHS 1.

  • One World - Lesson 1 Review (Kahoot! Game)

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • I am~ / I like~

    This is a listening activity using "I am~" and "I like~" sentence patterns.

  • If~ (Second Conditional)

    This is a speaking activity followed by a writing practice.

  • I'm glad (that)... Where is the character game.

    Simple powerpoint game to practice the grammar point covered in One World 2 L1-3. Described as "emotional adjective+(that)+subject+verb", for example, "I'm glad that I met you again."

  • Kahoot! Year-end Review Game for 1年生

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • (OneWorld2 L.9.3) Let Me Play Forest Jeopardy

    One World 2 Lesson 9.3 (let+人+動詞の原形 & help+人+動詞の原形) Forest Jeopardy game covering only these grammar points.

  • Making Questions about the Constructive Speech

    This is based on One World 3 Lesson 7.

  • Passive Voice Review Quiz

    Similar to Magic Quiz, groups write (or say) the answers and if correct get to choose a character for points.

  • The Debate Flow

    This is the debate flow based on One World 3 Project 3 (page 91).

  • Grammar Casino

    This is a betting-style game for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • Zoom in, Zoom out, Sports Guessing Game PPT

    Vocabulary reviewing/warm up game for Elementary School Grade 6 One World Smiles 6 Textbook Lesson 6 Olympic and Paralympic Sports

  • Useful expressions: at a restaurant

    A simple roleplaying activity to page 85 of the One World 1 textbook.

  • Santa Claus VS The Grinch

    A Christmas point game that focuses on answering 5 W's questions.

  • Spy x Family Quiz

    This is a passive voice review loosely inspired by the Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game and Casino Game.

  • Useful Expressions: Shopping (for clothes)

    A companion warm-up activity for "Useful Expressions" on page 75 from One World 2.

  • One World Smiles 5 and 6 Picture Cards

    All picture cards for one world smiles 5 and 6. of course other texts may use, but the order of the lessons is different, just keep that in mind.

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