Famichiki vs Nanachiki

Short warm up game

Submitted by ezedebella

January 14, 2022

Estimated time: 5 min

I actually learnt this game on my first day as an ALT thanks to the guy that supported me so credits are for him.

You divide the class in two and tell them that one side is team Famichiki and the other one is team Nanachiki. And try to draw a decent picture of each one in the blackboard.

The game is basically a janken game. I demonstrate it with the JTE and make the whole act. It's something like this:

  • Hello!
  • Hi!
  • Hey, you know..I like Famichiki
  • Really?! I like Nanachiki
  • Oh..I LIKE Famichiki
  • And I LIKE Nanachiki

And then we janken. The loser "transforms" and if they liked Famichiki before, now they like Nanachiki.

Then, have the kids walk around the classroom and janken between them. At the end, we see which team has more people and is the winner.

Of course if they are walking around and talk to someone that likes the same thing, they don't janken. I tell them to high five and continue looking for a kid from the opposite team.

I found out that kids enjoy this game and they REALLY get into it. So you can use it a couple of times. You can play the revenge next class, or make different kind of games using the same teams until you see they're sick of it or one team won too many times.

Note: I did it with 3rd and 4th grade ES. I guess 1st and 2nd grade can enjoy it too, but I don't know if older classes would get into it.

  • Keith Miyazaki January 14, 2022

    In my neighbourhood, we call this the "Zombie Game." I used it to practice the sentence "I like {food}," while the zombie phrase was "I like kangaroo sandwiches." At first, I secretly choose just one or two students to be 'zombies.' Then, all students janken in pairs and only the winner says "I like {...}." If the winner is a 'zombie' and they say the 'zombie phrase,' then their partner becomes a 'zombie.' This way the 'zombie phrase' spreads through the classroom.

  • VinShida February 10, 2022

    I also call this game zombie game, but the way I do it is a bit different as well. I tried to explain it, but there's a cap on how much we can write, so I can't explain it fully in the allotted space. (x_x)

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