No Prep

The activity doesn't require any preparation or materials from the teacher. Just remember it and go!

  • SHARK ATTACK - Save Anya !

    Everyone's favorite Hangman alternative with a twist.

  • Up, Down, TAP Warm Up

    A quick warm up to get kids moving and wake up before an early or after lunch lesson. Practices listening.

  • Spin The Wheel Warmup

    I did not make the wheel - all credit goes to slidemania.com. I just added the topics in. Can be edited easily to suit your needs.

  • Blooket Games Explained

    Working in conjunction with one of my JTEs, I plan on making a few PDFs (from Google Slides) to show and explain some of the games on the Blooket site.

  • Birthday Minecraft English Review

    Simple powerpoint team game to practice months + ordinal numbers. All credit to TakoyakiTacos, I just entered random dates so that you don't have to.

  • WH Question Practice Doraemon Feud Game

    This is an edited version of UonumaRobert's Doraemon Feud Game. It's to practice the WH Questions ONLY from Lessons 1+2 of One World JHS 1.

  • Find the Mistake

    Find the mistakes in the sentences - 2nd Grade JHS level

  • Pokemon Battle Challenge! (fixed)

    Simple Pokemon battle game! Choose your Pokemon and answer simple English questions to become a Pokemon master!

  • Authentic Menu Boards

    A collection of fast food menu boards from countries using dollars and cents.

  • Instagram Post

    Great activity for students to express themselves via a cute "Instagram Post" template.

  • New Horizon 3 Units 0-1 Blooket Review

    No preparation multiple choice web quiz style game for students (each student needs ipad/computer)! Q's include vocab and grammar from Units 0-1.

  • Kahoot how is the weather

    Weather game

  • Can you...? Printable Board Game

    This is a printable board game to practice "Can you...?" and "Yes, I can. / No, I can't." Just need dice (one for each group).

  • Mixed Shiritori

    A relay shiritori warm-up game with a twist!!

  • Pronoun Lesson - A New Way to Say "They"

    An inclusive English presentation structured to teach students how to use the genderless pronoun "they" in situations where gendered pronouns may not work.

  • Unscramble My Cake

    A quick PPT game you can use to practice ordinal numbers, months of the year and learn your favorite character's birthday.

  • 'When I go to the supermarket...' Memory Game

    A quick, no prep, flexible memory game with competitive and non-competitive versions. Great for vocabulary review, memory training and practising new grammar patterns

  • May Event Calendar

    May 2023's Calendar

  • Popular Game Character Names in ENG/JPY

    A PPT that shows some popular game character name differences from English to Japanese. Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon.

  • New Horizon JHS Memrise courses

    New Horizon Memrise vocabulary courses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader textbooks.

  • What country is this? Worksheet

    A writing practice worksheet for country names from the New Horizon picture dictionary

  • Kahoot Quiz JHS-1 Be-present tense

    A very simple quiz using the present tense of be. The majority of the questions are fill in the missing part of the sentence. With a few asking for the correct form of be with specific pronouns.

  • Reading - Guess the Book/Series/Manga

    Students read from the projector and listen to the teacher read the description

  • Guessing game for first graders or Special Needs

    You can use this game as an additional activity for your self-introduction lesson.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • ABAB 🦐🦐 (Word Guessing Warm Up Game)

    This is a quick and fun pair game where the students have to give hints to their partner without saying the word (it's pretty much tabboo but with a fun theme 🦐🦐)

  • Where is this? Picture reveal

    A simple game where the students have to name colors to reveal a picture, which is a place that they have to name.

  • Months and Seasons Picture Reveal

    It's a guessing activity where the students can review the months and seasons.

  • English Games for Extra Time

    Do you need some games you can whip out a moment's notice? Are you unexpectedly covering a class? Is your English teacher running late? Here are some no prep games you can play with many levels!

  • Dialogue Practice Activity

    Make textbook dialogue practice more interesting by adding performance and translation!

  • Guess the Movie Title

    A powerpoint quiz for your students to guess the English title of a movie when shown the Japanese one.

  • English Idioms (with matching Kahoot!)

    A Powerpoint activity with literal Japanese translations to help students learn about some of the silly English idioms we have.

  • Blooket New Horizon 1 Units 1-11 Grammar Review

    Multiple choice questions on Blooket

  • Lets Try 2 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • Lets Try 1 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • End of year review Kahoots for NH1 & 2

    2 Kahoot quizzes used for end of year review class warm ups.

  • Doraemon Review Quiz

    18 Question review quiz with Doraemon characters. Behind each door is a character or gadget. The goal is to find Nobita and friends.

  • Places in town/city Lesson Worksheets

    These are some of the worksheets I used in my special needs class with 2 students (Beginner level).

  • St. Patrick's Day powerpoint

    A short powerpoint to introduce St. Patricks Day celebrations in Ireland and all over the world

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