No Prep

The activity doesn't require any preparation or materials from the teacher. Just remember it and go!

  • 5th Grade New Horizon Unit 2 Kahoot

    A quick Kahoot to review unit w of the New Horizon textbook for 5th graders.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Review Game

    An adaptable JJK review quiz game. Can be used for any grammar point.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Unit 2 Kahoot

    Quick Kahoot to review unit 2 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • Am/is/are powerpoint game

    A simple powerpoint game for going over the diffrences between am/is/are.

  • Directions App!

    Use default or student made maps to practice giving and receiving directions! This is an updated version of my Directions game - now with the ability for unique custom maps to be made and used!

  • Which do you ______? Fortune Telling

    In pairs, students use A or B question maps to discover their future job, pet and home country. Then they make their own maps to find their "special skill" (superpower).

  • Japanese Loan Words (外来語)

    Warm-up quiz activity about foreign, loan words in Japanese. Students have to guess what the English word is in Japanese.

  • How many Goombas? (Mario Party-esque Numbers)

    How Many Goomba? Counting Minigame for numbers 1-20, ES 3rd Grade Let's Try Unit 3

  • Pac-Man Word Guess

    Students try to guess all the letters in a word before Pac-Man is eaten by the ghosts.

  • Numbers dance

    Lets Try 1, Unit 3 - How Many

  • Here We Go! 6 Unit 6 - Country Quiz

    A modified ppt game originally by KobeALT. I just modified the Japan part.

  • Cat Meme: How Are You?

    Use cat memes to practice identifying emotions! (ES 3rd Grade, Let's Try 1: Unit 3)

  • Jeopardy Game

    Jeopardy Game

  • June 2024 Calendar

    June 2024 english board

  • Is he...? / Is she...? ("Who am I?") Game!

    Repurposed version of a lesson I made for elementary school, aimed at JHS 1年生 who are learning pronouns.

  • Casual Greetings

    Students learn some basic casual greetings and then create their own.

  • Silhouette Game

    What is your treasure? My treasure is ...... What do you want for your birthday? I want ........

  • Places in a Town Vocabulary Practice

    Three basic powerpoint activities for practising the vocabulary from U2 of the new One World Smiles 6 textbook.

  • Bob Marley

    A small introduction of Jamaica's reggae icon in light of his upcoming movie

  • Months of the Year

    12 Months of the Year Along with Corresponding Typical American Holidays

  • "Call me..." train/the Name Game

    Repurposed version of the Name Game using "Call me..." from New Horizons 2 Unit 1

  • Canada Versus Japan Differences

    Some comparisons between Canada and Japan students might find interesting. Koban/Mounties, Mount Fuji/Rocky Mountains, Nara Deer/Canadian Moose, JR Train/CN Train etc. For Canadian ALTs!

  • New Horizon 5th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot

    A quick kahoot to review unit 1 of the 5th grade New Horizon textbook.

  • Class Subjects Blooket Review

    Review for Unit 1: Blue Sky Grade 5. Focuses on subjects in school as well as lowercase letters.

  • NEW New Horizon 5th Gr Unit 2 Worksheet

    Its for the NEW New Horizon Textbook, UNIT 2 Starting out page 18 and 19.

  • Who Are You? 1st grade JHS (Sunshine 1) Quiz Game

    This is a 'Who Are You?' hint-quiz game with 5 popular characters. The wording and text box is made in accordance with the JHS textbook 'sunshine 1'.

  • Are you? Do you? Can you? Jeopardy

    Follows New Horizon 1 Unit 1. Students create "Are you? Do you? Can you?" questions while playing jeopardy.

  • [MUSIC GAME] Last One Standing

    Time-filler for all ages *ELEM-HS. Inspired by similar Korean classroom games

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz!

    Warm up quiz for older students. Students will listen to the idiom/saying and guess the meaning based on A, B, or C.

  • Country Flag Quiz

    Here's a simple quiz about country flags.

  • Are you going to ~?

    Bingo worksheet activity to practice 'be going to' grammar in conversation. (NH2 JHS P9 Unit 1)

  • 6th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

    It is a worksheet for page 6 "Listen and Think" activity of the NEW New Horizon 6th Grade textbooks.

  • Karaoke Box ♫ (Volume 1)

    A small compilation of songs across different eras. Used for warm-ups to sing-a-long or listen and fill in the missing lyrics.

  • Hello!I’m Emily (Let's try1) Unit 1

    A simple conversation tracker to help students to keep track of the friends that they've already talked to.

  • Find Someone Who (Bingo Challenge)

    A first day of class ice breaker activity for students to get to know each other better.

  • Vocabulary Gradients & Synonyms

    A ppt with semantic gradient charts & some synonyms + a word doc with examples sentences.

  • Bouncer Game

    Password game using months - Blue Sky 5 (Unit 1)

  • What's the Question?

    Jeopardy-style powerpoint quiz (JHS or SHS) testing students ability to turn statements into questions

  • Super Mario Classroom A3 Posters

    ES Let's Try 1 & 2 Chapters 1-4

  • Short and Simple U.K. Quiz

    Suitable for JHS grade 1 level (or higher) students.

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